• Estimating Drug Testing Costs

    Like most other things, drug testing technology continues to change rapidly and thus, the associated costs are also in constant flux.

    It is best to make budget estimates for drug testing based on costs at the time that you are preparing your annual budget. The cost of supplies for maintaining a point of contact drug testing system vary widely depending on the type of test you use, the manufacturer of those tests, how many drugs they test for at one time and the quantity of tests that you will need. TestCountry helps cut down on these costs by providing you with a variety of brands and different types of tests to choose from. It is important to keep in mind that even though the cost of these tests drops if you purchase them in bulk, they have expiry dates and must be used prior to that date so it will not be worth it to purchase a large number of them unless you know you can use them before they expire.

    Laboratory drug testing service costs also fluctuate between labs. TestCountry has a network of over 8,000 labs across the country to help you find an affordable laboratory in your area, no matter where your company is located.

    Other factors you need to consider are the possibility of having to hire or train staff (although point of contact tests are easy to administer and read and laboratories have their own professionally trained staff) and whether or not you will need to store samples for later testing or store testing equipment.

    Getting a handle on the relative costs of a drug testing program need not be difficult. An open and honest dialogue with point of contact test retailers and laboratories is the best way to ensure that you can tailer a drug testing program to your needs while maintaining your budget.

    Questions To Ask Drug Testing Equipment and/or Supply Vendors

    The following is a list of suggested questions to ask vendors of drug testing equipment and/or supplies when making budget estimates.

    • What supplies are needed to conduct the drug testing? What are their costs?

    • What staff and facilities will be needed to conduct the testing, store supplies and samples, etc.?

    • What is the methodology used to produce the test results? Who interprets the results? What staff training is needed? How are test results recorded?

    • How quickly can test results be obtained?

    • What potential for error is associated with producing drug test results? Reading the test results?

    • Is the test more accurate for some types of drugs than for others?

    • What type of confirmation process is required? Suggested?

    • How much does each test cost? What does this cost include? What additional costs associated with the drug testing process need to be budgeted?

    • How many drugs can the methodology test for at once?

    By working with a reputable drug testing retailer like TestCountry, you should be able to estimate your drug testing budget relatively easily and create a drug testing program within that budget.


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