• Things to Keep in Mind When Implementing Workplace Drug Testing Policy

    Implementing drug testing in your organization is not a simple task but it does not have to be overwhelming. By keeping some key points in mind, your organization can have an effective drug testing regimen in place without any major hassles.

    Have a goal

    The general goal of drug testing is to eradicate drug use altogether from your organization. But to begin with, it’s important to have a more specific goal in mind that addresses your organization.

    If your organization has had substance abuse issues in the past, the goal might be to rid the company of this problem and avoid future problems. If your organization is the only one in its industry or area that doesn’t do drug testing and that’s making the organization look bad, the goal might be to implement a policy to fall in line with similar organizations. Or, your goal might be to become the first organization of its kind in your area to implement drug testing in the hopes of turning it into a sales point. Any of those goals is fine, as long as you have a clear one in mind before starting.

    An example of a bad goal to base your drug testing regimen on is to catch ‘Steve’ in shipping, who you are absolutely sure gets high on his lunch break. Going after one specific individual within your organization is not a valid reason to implement drug testing.

    Develop a policy

    Any organization that takes the step of implementing a drug testing regimen should put all the details down in writing first, have a lawyer make sure it is completely legal and then communicate that policy to all potentially affected employees.

    The policy should outline what type of drug testing is to be done, how drug testing is to be done, what drugs are to be tested for, how often they are to be tested for and any other details pertaining to the drug testing.

    As part of this policy, it’s imperative for organizations to do their research. There are a few select states that have some specific rules about drug testing in the workplace and you should review your state’s laws on the subject to familiarize yourself with them.

    Stick with it

    A drug testing regimen is only effective if it’s being done. That is why it’s always favourable to work with someone who has expertise in the field to set it up. That way, you can be sure that you’re implementing a drug testing policy that is affordable for your organization and won’t run the risk of being abandoned for being too expensive.

    Reap the benefits

    The last step is to keep an eye on what has changed in your organization with drug testing in place. You’ll see problem employees leave, productivity increase and accidents and sick days decrease.

    Effective drug testing will more than pay for itself over time. Plus, don’t forget the good reputation you will be cultivating with clients and potential employees alike, as your organization will be known as one that takes safety and employee morale seriously.


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