• What You Need to Know about Veterinarian Genetic Testing

    We treat our pets with love and we take care of them like family or a best friend. We are there for them through thick and thin. However, unlike humans, they cannot exactly say how they feel so even when they are already feeling pain or when something is wrong, chances are we will never catch it.

    What is veterinarian genetic testing?

    Veterinarian genetic testing is popular among breeders and veterinarians to help them understand the animals that they are looking after. Genetic testing can determine different diseases before their onset. It can also be used to alter your pets’ diets, especially if their tests show that they are prone to diseases.

    Genetics tests measure the animal phenotype, which includes eye examinations, blood values, skin culture, urinalysis, observation on structure and behavior, and possible heart murmurs. Tests may be conducted at any age.

    Benefits of veterinarian genetic testing

    The benefit of veterinarian genetic testing is to help identify diseases before they even manifest, providing breeders and veterinarians an idea on what type of preventive measures to advise owners of. Breeders may also reduce, and may eventually eliminate, breed-wide genetic disease through testing and taking necessary breeding choices.

    However, it is not just breeders and veterinarians who can benefit from the testing. You can also have your pet tested if you want to know more about him/her. This prepares you on what to expect or provides you with an understanding of how to properly take care of your pet and improve their quality of life.

    Veterinarian genetic testing has been done since the start of domestic animal breeding. Today, genetic testing is still progressing and researchers are still finding ways to develop different types of tests. Without genetic testing, veterinarians and breeders would have a hard time preventing diseases while continuing to breed disease prone animals with less prone ones.




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