• What is Occupational Health Services?

    Occupational Health Services is a way to protect employees and employers in the workplace. It is an application to primary health care principles to ensure that the organization provides a safe working environment for all those that work and visit any workplace area.

    Occupational Health Services Focus

    Some of the main focuses of occupational health services involve surveying a work environment and identifying conditions of work, possible exposure to hazardous materials, identification of workers at risk of exposure to hazardous materials and assessment of exposure levels, including the following:

    • Ergonomic factors that can affect a worker’s health
    • Occupational hygiene and factors that may increase workers’ health risk
    • Exposure to adverse psychological factors and aspects of work organization
    • Risk from occupational accidents and hazards
    • Appropriate protective equipment, whether collective or personal
    • Proper control systems designed to avoid, eliminate, or decrease risk of exposure

    Surveillance of worker’s health is also part of occupational health services and this can be done in ways like:

    • Pre-employment medical examinations
    • Periodic medical examinations
    • General health examinations
    • Return to duty health examinations
    • Health examination at termination or end of service

    Occupational health services also propose preventive and control measures to ensure that workers avoid any unnecessary exposure or know how to react during accidents and emergencies. Some guidelines include:

    • Controlling hazards at the source
    • Proper ventilation and control technology
    • Dust control
    • Regulation of thermal conditions.

    Occupational health services not only work locally but also work on a global level. All companies, organizations, and institutions must apply the proper policies to ensure the safety of everyone entering and working in a building. Policies depend on the nature of business and those that are handling hazardous materials have a stricter policy in place in order to fully safeguard a person’s health during and after employment in said business.




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