• Mold Testing Advice for Tenants

    When renting a house or apartment, the landlord is responsible for making sure that the place is habitable before giving it to a tenant. The tenant is responsible for taking care of the place during his/her stay. However, problems will arise during the duration of a tenant’s stay, like the need for repairs and regular maintenance to ensure that the place stays habitable to safeguard a tenant’s health and wellness. A landlord’s responsibility when it comes to repairs depends on the tenant-landlord agreement or the rules governed by the state housing law.

    Mold contamination is a serious household problem that must be resolved as soon as possible. High levels of mold spores in your home affects the air quality and leads to allergy development, allergic reactions (when living with people sensitive to allergens), and may lead to fungal infections. The best way to solve mold problems is for tenants and landlords to work together in resolving the issue.

    Tenants can use a home mold testing kit to detect mold levels in the air. You and your landlord can also go through the place and check for mold growth sources like leaking pipes or faucets, uneven bathroom floors that trap water, and other possible water damage. You can also check if your heater is working properly.  Mold is more likely to grow indoors during the cold autumn and winter months. Ask your landlord about repairing pipes, faucets, and other damage that may cause mold growth but make sure that you did not cause any of the damage.

    Because landlords must abide by the law and make sure that a place is habitable before renting it out, it is the tenants’ responsibility to check that the place is indeed habitable and free from leaks and molds before signing a contract. When mold develops during your stay, make sure that you did your part in ensuring that mold growth is close to impossible (no spilled liquid on carpets, etc.), then ask your landlord for help and possibly repair damages to prevent further mold growth in your home.




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