• How to Test for ADD and ADHD

    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a type of neurobehavioral disorder characterized by hyperactivity, impulsiveness, or inattention. Attention deficit disorder (ADD) is one of the subtypes of ADHD.

    ADD and ADHD

    All three subtypes of ADHD are characterized by inattention, being easily distracted, procrastination, disorganization, and forgetfulness. However, a person suffering from ADD may experience fatigue or lethargy, and have fewer symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsiveness. Those suffering from ADD have a hard time focusing on something, like school subjects that require longer attention, which may lead to withdrawal or failure. They may often be called “lazy” or “irresponsible” and mistakenly labelled as “not trying hard enough.”

    A person suffering from ADHD exudes inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity which leads to difficulty maintaining focus, becoming easily bored, disorganized, prone to daydreaming, having difficulties processing information, and much more.

    Testing and diagnosis

    It is not easy to test for ADD or ADHD because almost all people experience inattention, impulsiveness, and hyperactivity. However, it is important to test for it when it is starting to affect a person’s social and mental health.

    There is no single physical, mental, or medical test available that can diagnose ADD or ADHD. If you want to have your child checked, it will involve your physician and other professionals to diagnose him/her. Different testing tools will also be used, like a symptoms checklist; questions about past and present problems and a medical exam to help understand the cause of symptoms.

    The important thing about testing is to be completely honest about everything; this will make it easy for professionals to come up with a diagnosis. Professionals will look into how severe the symptoms are (negative impact on your child’s life), when the symptoms started, how long the symptoms have been bothering your child (or you), when and where the symptoms appear (it must appear in different settings. If it only appears in a single setting it is likely that it is not ADD/ADHD).

    Testing and diagnosing ADD or ADHD requires qualified professionals who are trained to diagnose the mental disorder. There are online screening tests available for parents and teachers so they can assess a child’s behavior. Adults who feel like they might be suffering from ADD/ADHD may also find a test here: http://www.addresources.org/?q=node/487





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