• How to Get Tested for Herpes for Free

    Herpes is a type of viral disease that is caused by the Herpes simplex virus (HSV). There are two types of HSV, HSV-1 and HSV-2. HSV – 1 is mostly responsible for infections in the mouth or lips, while HSV – 2 commonly causes genital herpes. It looks like a cold sore on the mouth, lips, or the genital area.

    How does it spread?

    An individual may be affected through direct contact like having intercourse with someone who is infected, receiving oral sex from someone with oral herpes, and touching the affected area then touching your mouth, eyes, or genitals. Risk of infection is highest when an infected person experiences an outbreak.


    Rashes or blisters may appear anytime between the first to the third week after contact. The first outbreak may cause a tingling sensation or itching on the skin. Flu-like symptoms may also be experienced like painful urination, fever, and enlarged nodes. The sores and blisters will also be painful during the first outbreak.

    Diagnosis and testing

    Herpes may be diagnosed through physical examination. For testing, a swab is used on the sores or blisters for sampling and then sent to a laboratory. When testing for herpes, it is important that there are blisters or sores present otherwise there is no way to get a diagnosis. Herpes is one of the most common types of STD and you can go to an STD clinic to get tested.

    But make sure that you go get tested during an outbreak. If you are worried about testing costs, there are STD clinics that offer free testing. It is important to research about the clinics to get an idea if they are free for all or you need to qualify for a free test (maybe if you are unemployed or have low income).

    Although there is no cure for herpes, it is important to consult a doctor about possible treatments to alleviate you from symptoms and to heal the sores and blisters. You can use this site for herpes testing: http://getstdtested.com/genital-herpes-test



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