• TestCountry Drug Testing Q & A

    QUESTION #1: Why do companies drug test?


    Companies drug test to screen job candidates and employees, ensure a better quality of workers, reduce absenteeism, reduce work-related accidents, reduce workers’ compensation claims, reduce theft and to promote safety in the workplace.

    QUESTION #2: Does drug testing work and who is doing it?


    Yes, it works. The legal system approves workplace testing, the U.S. Supreme court sanctions drug testing and the Sixth District Court of Appeals (Chattanooga, 846 F2d 1539 CA6 1998) said the combination of drug screening and a GC/MS confirmation test is virtually 100% accurate. In a 1995 Harris poll, employers were asked if they should have the right to drug test job applicants; 70% of employees and 73% of employers said yes. In a separate study, 90% of employers who were drug testing said it is effective. The U.S. Navy spends $20 million dollars on drug testing yearly, and saves in excess of $168 million dollars. The majority of Fortune 500 companies, and other highly competitive national and worldwide companies, are drug testing. In short, trendsetters who rely on a strong competitive edge are doing it.

    QUESTION #3:  What drugs do most companies test for?

    Most employers test for the most common illicit drugs like marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines (including methamphetamine), and phencyclidine (PCP). These are the drugs tested for under the Department of Transportation (DOT) mandated testing regulations and have become an industry standard.

    QUESTION #4:  What types of drug testing do companies perform?

    A basic type of drug testing program includes pre-employment drug testing where employers screen job candidates for drug use. Other common types of drug testing (post-employment) include random drug testing, post-accident drug testing, reasonable suspicion testing and follow up testing.

    QUESTION #5:  What are the methods used in drug testing?

    The common methods used in drug testing include:

    • Urine drug test, which is the most frequently used and cost-effective drug screening method which provides rapid results.
    • Blood test, which is the most accurate and most invasive form of drug screening tests.
    • Hair analysis, a drug screening test that uses a small sample of hair cut at the scalp that can detect long periods of drug usage.
    • Saliva drug test, which is the simplest and most convenient type of drug test that provides fast results and can detect up to 6 drugs instantly.
    • Spray (sweat) drug test, which is a non-invasive type of test using sweat patches that are attached to the skin to collect sweat over a long period of time (up to 14 days).

    QUESTION #6: Is it expensive?


    Absolutely not. The benefits outweigh the cost. In many cases, you can pass the cost on to the applicant (in order to apply with this company you have to pay for and pass a drug screen). By avoiding just one accident, lawsuit, and the estimated theft that is associated with a single substance abuser, you can pay for your entire program. The more employees you have the greater the savings will be.

    QUESTION #7:  Can applicants and employees cheat the test?


    Actually, there are many ways people can try and cheat on a drug test. If you are concerned about an applicant or employee cheating on a drug test, we recommend you get the adulterants test. TestCountry’s Drug Testing Adulteration Test Strips are the perfect addition to anyone’s drug testing plan. Many people think they can get around urine drug tests by either diluting or tampering with their samples. These test strips help detect false negative test results which can detect 6 different adulteration methods.

    QUESTION #8:  Are there any local drug testing facilities?


    Yes. At TestCountry.com, you will find the list of testing facilities that we work with by city and state. Just click on a state name to get the city list.  Then choose a city to see the facilities located in that area. Testing methods may vary for each facility.

    QUESTION #9:  Do TestCountry.com drug testing products really work?


    Yes they do. TestCountry home testing kits provide the accurate results you are looking for. Most of the test kits and testing services are FDA approved, FDA cleared, CLIA Waived Drug Tests, done by a CLIA accredited laboratory or approved by a respectable organization or agency. All the tests are developed and manufactured by reputable companies in this industry so you don’t get inaccurate results for the critical things you are testing for.


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