• Test or Not To Test – Myths of Drug Testing

    MYTH #1:

    Implementing a drug testing program will prevent people from applying for jobs.


    No employer wants to hire someone who may be prone to using illicit substances while at work. In fact, while you do eliminate applicants, the few who do apply are not only the drug free ones but also, often, are more suited to the available positions. In addition, promoting a “drug free workplace” will automatically deter unwanted applicants thus preventing inevitable turnover and wasted human resource time. In fact, you will find that the need to constantly hire will also decrease.

    MYTH # 2:

    Implement a drug testing program in the workplace will immediately cause loss of existing employees.


    Employees abusing illegal drugs who exist in your workplace, in fact, know that the procedure usually requires at least a 30-day notice before implementing any drug testing program. In that case, random drug testing may be conducted on an unannounced, irregular basis using a neutral selection process where a certain portion of the employee population is randomly selected periodically throughout the year. Implementing the program allows them to make a decision – either stop using or risk being busted. This will give you time to find drug free substitutes through pre-employment testing. Moreover, once you learn how to identify substance abusers, reasonable suspicion testing gives you the ability to test when you need to.

    MYTH # 3:

    I would like to have a drug free workplace but I can’t afford it!


    You can’t afford not to. The long-term benefits of having a drug free workplace are improved employee morale, increased productivity, decreased workplace accidents, decreased employee theft, decreased legal costs, and decreases in the costs of hiring and training new employees. In essence, drug programs are worth the cost of running them to employers. They provide a safer environment for employers as well as increase the productivity of existing employees, which boosts revenue.

    MYTH # 4:

    Implementing a partial drug testing program is sufficient.


    Like anything in life, there just simply are no shortcuts. Implement a partial program and you will get partial results. If you drug test only your management, you will find that the best of managers can’t work with employees who abuse drugs. You cannot manage workers who do not show up or do not perform even though they are there. Likewise, pre-employment drug testing alone will not work. Most substance abusers can abstain long enough to get hired. Remember drug habits are expensive and 74% of substance abusers are employed.

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