• Parenting Drug Addicts

    One of the most common frightening feelings that parents feel is that drug addiction is so prevalent in our society that their own children are very much at risk.

    Parenting and helping a child with drug addiction isn’t easy. Parents need to ask themselves; “Will my drug addicted child survive if I die in an accident tomorrow?” If the answer is “no” then, ask where you went wrong and start finding solutions.

    Let’s start by defining the word “parenting.” The Webster dictionary defines parenting as “the raising of a child by its parents,”  “the act of process of becoming a parent,” and “the taking care of someone in the manner of a parent.” Notice that all three definitions end with parent/s. Having a drug addicted child indicates that one way or another, parents missed or failed at something in the parenting process. Sadly, parents might have become, at one time or another, the enablers to their drug addicted child.

    When your child was young, you wouldn’t hesitate to hurt their arm in an attempt to stop them from running in front of a car. You wouldn’t be afraid of making them cry if you reacted abruptly as they were getting ready to drink cleaning fluid. You might even slap their little hands away from a burning candle if you thought that was the only way to keep them from getting burned. Parents who put their child’s needs first are not afraid to hurt their child’s feelings for their own good. But when parents don’t exercise authority over their younger children’s activities, teaching them responsibility, consideration, and respect for themselves and others as they are growing up, they might end up losing complete control of their children.

    Substance abusers share a lack of maturity and life skills needed to make wise choices, take personal responsibility or have the ability to appreciate the feelings of friends and loved ones. Active users are in dire need of unconditional parenting, tough love, consistent guidance, mentoring, selfless concern and real treatment. Anything less will be manipulated to their advantage and prolong drug abuse problem. Depending on the extent of addiction, sometimes parents need further resources like the services of an addiction specialist.

    However, it is not recommend that parents would spend a penny or a single minute if they are not ready to start by preparing to take a zero tolerance and full control attitude with the addict, addiction, and all the enablers in his or her life. Rehabilitation starts with the enablers. Enablers cannot help addicts if they cannot help themselves. The addict is the result of his or her enablers. Children are not born lazy, disrespectful, manipulative liars with addictive behavior. All of those traits were learned and nurtured. The bottom line is, even if you send your drug addicted child to an expensive, six-month drug rehab facility, all of those would be a complete waste of time and money if they come home to the same, divided, undisciplined easily manipulated enablers.




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