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    Men visit their doctors only when they are already faced with male health issues. On the contrary, men who care about their health should go for yearly health check ups on their own volition. These are some of the most important health screening procedures that should be included in your yearly health program:

    Complete metabolic profile

    The CMP test should be done at least once a year as part of every man’s wellness health check, especially those who are taking medications in order to check the effects of these medications on the liver or kidney. A complete metabolic profile will be able to monitor existing illnesses like hypertension and other male health issues. The test will require a blood sample which will be drawn after a 10-hour fasting.

    Cholesterol test

    Male health check ups, which is recommended every four years for men 20 years old or above, should also include the lipid panel or cholesterol test. This will determine the risks of getting heart attacks and strokes. Cholesterol may have earned a bad reputation but the body also needs a certain amount for cell stability. The secret to maintaining male health is to determine the LDL or bad cholesterol which can clog the arteries and cause heart problems, as well as the HDL or good cholesterol.

    Prostate cancer test

    The PSA or prostate-specific antigen is specifically a Prostate cancer test that can help identify this type of cancer at an early stage when the chance of survival is greatest. This test is recommended for men who are between 40 and 75 years old. This test can be included in the yearly health check ups as it only requires a blood sample. But while a high PSA level can indicate prostate cancer, it can also mean other things like prostatitis or benign prostatic hyperplasia.


    One of the many male health issues that remain undiagnosed until the problems become serious is Diabetes. This problem can however be detected at an early stage through this blood test which checks the person’s glucose or sugar level. A higher level of blood glucose could mean diabetes or some other condition. Some people use a home testing kit which is effective in measuring the present glucose level in the blood. This test is more effective in monitoring the levels of blood sugar for longer periods of up to four months. The test does not require the patient to fast before the blood sample is drawn and it can be taken at any time.

    There are many other male health issues that can be diagnosed through regular wellness health check. Men who are more than 40 years old and who are at high risk of getting glaucoma should undergo regular eye checkups. A skin cancer checkup is also imperative every five years for those who are frequently exposed to the sun. Colon cancer is another male health issue for men who are 50 years old or over.

    While genetics is primarily responsible for a variety of male health issues, one can always minimize the risks through regular health checkups.




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