• The Need For Water & Liquid Microbial Testing

    The advanced technology in the United States has left many consumers complacent about their water and food supply. The need for water treatment has not even entered their minds, knowing that there is a government body making sure that water contamination would not happen at all. However, there are recent incidents that have made Americans conscious about the quality of the water they are drinking.

    Some parts of the country have shown increased incidents of gastrointestinal illnesses, a condition that many Americans felt was possible only in developing countries. Because of these incidents, more people are now thinking of microbial testing to ensure the safety of their waters. A lot of illnesses resulting from water pollution have shown up in the US including:

    • Legionella
    • Giardia
    • Cryptosporidiosis
    • Norwalk virus

    Up to 30 million people in the US succumb to gastrointestinal illnesses every year as a result of contaminated water among others. Illnesses arising from polluted water have caused the country up to $22 billion in terms of lost productivity and annual medical costs. This has given rise to the issue of water quality testing even among households who used to believe that they have one of the best water sources in the world.

    Water testing should be given a priority considering that up to one million people in the US die every year due to microbial illnesses arising from water pollution.

    Need for microbial testing

    Water should undergo water treatment if only for the presence of microorganisms that can contaminate food, air, soil and even water. Water pollution has been a perennial problem among humans even with the availability of water treatment kits. It is thus important to get an experienced company to do water testing to ensure the safety of your water sources.

    There are various test systems that will efficiently conduct water quality test kit for households or companies. What is important is that the water treatment kits have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure that it is capable of detecting E.coli and other microbes.

    A variety of diarrheal diseases, some of them fatal, are caused by microbial pathogens that are contained in supposedly potable waters. It is surprising that despite government policies and basic sanitation, water testing still showed fecal and other contamination in the waters.

    If gastrointestinal illnesses have become prevalent in your neighborhood or city then it may be time to have your water sources undergo microbial testing. Water test kits are capable of detecting microbes in water but nothing beats sending your water samples to a reputable laboratory for testing.




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