• The Importance of Secretor Testing

    A person is either a secretor or a non-secretor. What does this mean? As a general rule, an individual could have a blood type of O, A, B or AB. The ABO blood type is generally controlled by one’s genes. However, another type of gene interacts with a person’s blood type gene. A secretor is an individual who secretes the same blood type into secretions and body fluids. A non-secretor is a person who secretes from none to a small amount of his blood type antigens in his body fluids such as saliva, mucus, respiratory and digestive tract cavities.

    A person can be a B secretor or a B non-secretor, an AB secretor or an AB non-secretor and so on. To determine this, secretor testing is required. Generally speaking, about 80% of the population in the U.S. are secretors.

    Advantages of Secretors from Non-Secretors

    Advocates of advanced blood type diet know that determining whether one is secretor or a non-secretor through secretor testing plays an important role in refining their diet for their own advantage. An apt saliva secretor test is needed for this.

    Non-secretors have a higher percentage of oral and digestive diseases. They are also more prone to infections and respiratory diseases such as asthma.  Studies show that there are more non-secretors who develop autoimmune diseases, diabetes, heart diseases and myocardial infarction. Secretors are also less susceptible to urinary tract and Candida infections.

    Pros of Secretor Testing

    Secretor testing will not directly prevent a person from acquiring the aforementioned diseases. However, knowing one’s non-secretor or secretor status through saliva secretor test is a valuable piece of health information. Secretors are can rest easy as they have favorable blood types. Non-secretors, knowing their status, could then consult with the right professional on how to overcome the limitations brought about by their blood type.

    Secretor testing is painless. Home kits are available online. The procedure entails the collection of saliva sample, and then sent back to the laboratory for results. Saliva secretor test is very affordable.


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