• Species Identification Testing To Verify Product Contents

    The many cases of contaminated food and water products have brought to mind the importance of identification testing not only for testing a product’s safety but also its content. This is very important for people who prefer to eat only certain animal species or none at all.

    Cases that require inspection:

    • Identification testing was conducted on a drink sample found to contain a piece of meat. The tests showed that the meat sample was beef.
    • In the Arab world, imported goods undergo meat identification test to ensure they are Halal and do not contain pork products or by products.
    • There are religions that do not eat certain species and one of the most efficient ways to determine the contents of food products is through testing.

    A species identification test is conducted generally to identify whether a biological material is from domestic animals or from humans. The test, which is sensitive to handle even processed or cooked samples, is capable of detecting the presence of:

    • Horse
    • Pig
    • Bird
    • Dog
    • Goat
    • Sheep
    • Cattle

    Features and benefits

    The identification test has a wide range of benefits both to the consumers and the manufacturers. The same test is also valuable in the criminal world in terms of identifying biological material that is still unknown to the investigators. This test has also proven effective when only a blood sample is available and there is a need to identify whether it is from an animal species or human.

    Identification testing has been used by different agencies of the government to investigate cases that include illegal dumping in the water of cattle blood. The identification of test species is done in many countries for safety, economic reasons and for ethnic purposes.

    There are different types of methods that allow laboratories to test the species content of a product including:

    • PCR or DNA-based method
    • Microwell
    • Lateral Flow
    • (ELISA) antibody-assays

    The marketability of a product is influenced by its genuineness and reliability. For as long as consumers are assured that the products are unadulterated and contain what it purports to be on its label, then these products will continue to enjoy consumer patronage.

    It is thus important for manufacturers and producers to have their products undergo identification testing for additional verification. This is a requirement especially for processed products and those that have been declared Halal or which are allowed under the strict guideline of the Islamic diet.


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