• Microalbumin Testing To Check for Kidney Damage

    Micro albumin testing is also known as urine albumin, ACR and Albumin-to-Creatinine ratio. This test for kidney is performed to check for the presence of the protein albumin in urine.

    Kidneys normally filter the albumin found in blood. So with healthy kidneys, there will be no albumin in the urine. It is when the kidneys are damaged that you find small amounts of albumin leaking into the urine, leading to microalbuminuria.

    Early detection of kidney damage can preserve kidney functioning

    This type of kidney damage usually stems from diabetes; however other conditions can also trigger kidney damage like heart failure, cirrhosis and high blood pressure. If microalbuminuria is not treated, it can lead to macroalbuminuria where larger amounts of albumin leak into the urine.

    Micro albumin tests are done using a randomly collected urine sample, samples collected over a 24 hour period and samples collected after a specific period of time like a few hours or overnight.

    Increased albumin levels in both initial and repeat urine tests indicate the early phase of kidney disease while high levels indicate that the kidney disease is rampant. However undetectable levels indicate that the kidney is functioning normally.

    Early detection of kidney damage using micro albumin testing can help doctors adjust treatment to preserve kidney functioning. Better diabetes and hypertension control by maintaining glycemic control and reducing blood pressure helps in slowing down and preventing kidney damage. It is always better to repeat to reconfirm the presence of albumin in urine with a 24-hour test.

    Annual tests recommended for diabetics

    An annual test for kidney is recommended for people aged 12 to 70 who are suffering from diabetes. It is recommended that everyone with type 1 diabetes get tested annually, starting 5 years after the start of the disease. However, those suffering from type 2 diabetes should start the test at the time of diagnosis.

    Once microalbuminuria is detected, it should be reconfirmed by 2-3 tests over a 3-6 month period. Even those suffering from hypertension should be tested regularly, according to the frequency your doctor prescribes.


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