• Kryptopyrrole Testing To Determine Pyrrole Disorder

    Medical conditions like down syndrome, schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder or even autism can be a result of the lack of zinc and Vitamin B6 for use of the body and brain. This can happen if the body has high levels of Kryptopyrrole that can easily deplete these minerals and vitamins.

    The excessive production of Kryptopyrrole or KP is usually caused by a genetic error called pyrrole disorder. When a person is born with this condition, then hemoglobin abnormality can occur, which can further lead to an increase in the blood’s KP level.

    Why does the body need zinc and vitamin B6?

    These substances play an important role in metabolism and enzymatic reactions. When KP binds with zinc and vitamin B6, they are then excreted as pyrroles through the urine. With this, both the zinc and vitamins B6 are now flushed out from the body creating a deficiency not only in these substances but also in Arachidonic acid.

    Pyroluria symptoms:

    • Anger
    • Impaired function of the intellect
    • Impaired function of the immune system
    • Poor memory
    • Irritability
    • Inability to deal with pressure and stress
    • Abnormal distribution of fat

    A person suffering from these symptoms should undergo a kryptopyrrole test to determine the KP levels in the blood. This condition has been diagnosed in people of all ages but the highest prevalence is so far among schizophrenic and depressed patients, with up to 70 percent of them suffering from pyrrole disorder. However, the symptoms have also been observed among children with behavior and learning disabilities, alcoholics and even lung cancer patients.

    The disorder can be present from the time of birth so the manifestations of the symptoms are observed even at a young age. The symptoms can be physical like pain or seizures or behavioral like depression. It is difficult to diagnose the condition among children because of the varying symptoms so it is recommended that the patient be made to undergo the kryptopyrrole test.

    Early testing for the disorder is recommended so that the concerned health practitioners will be able to recommend the appropriate pyroluria treatment. There are laboratories that offer affordable tests for Pyroluria so there is no reason to postpone the test if you see the manifestation of the symptoms.

    What some people may think as mere bad behavior or insanity may be caused by some other condition like pyrrole disorder. Unless the proper test is conducted to determine the condition of the patient, there is a tendency for the prescription of an inappropriate medication.




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