• Chlamydia Testing to Prevent Recurring Infections

    You should get yourself tested if you think you are suffering from Chlamydia and if you have been treated for the condition, to ensure that the infection has been totally eradicated. This test however will not help detect any other sexually transmitted disease.

    The test involves testing a sample of your body fluid or urine to find out if there are Chlamydia bacteria in your body that causes the infection. Till date, this is the most common bacterial STD in the United States.

    The testing process

    You first have to approach a lab that conducts the test wherein you have to order and buy a sample kit. On receiving the kit, you have to provide a urine sample or vaginal swab and post it back to the laboratory to have your sample tested and analysed.

    The test results are usually posted on the secure area of the laboratory website which only you can access using your login id and password. In case of positive results, you will have to be treated for the condition. Results are usually given within 24 hours of receiving your samples.

    Wait for at least two weeks

    About Chlamydia, it is better to wait for about two weeks before you get a test done. This is because most infections don’t show up in a test within a fortnight of the acquisition of the infection. If you do a test earlier, there is a chance of getting negative results, and have to do a retest using a new sample after a few days’ time.

    Treatment is easy and effective once the STD is diagnosed. It involves a short course of antibiotics which can effectively treat the condition if taken correctly. Doctors should be informed if you maybe pregnant or allergic to any antibiotics. Once the antibiotics are started, treatment shouldn’t be interrupted.

    You also have to inform your doctor about any partners you had sexual contact with in the past few months as they too may suffer from the disease and need to get tested.

    Make sure you have a Chlamydia test performed once the medication is over to ensure there is no risk of any recurring infection. Do not have any penetrative sex till you receive a negative test result from this follow-up check-up and test.


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