• Top 10 Cities That Will Help You Stay Young

    We cannot stop aging but we can slow the process by taking proper care of our body. People who feel young and good about themselves tend to look younger. What better way to live a healthy lifestyle than to surround yourself with others that share the same goal.

    RealAge found the best cities that will make you feel young. The study found that cities with low stress levels and healthy lifestyle choices can help in making you stay young. Residents who take care of themselves tend to have lower cases of high cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes. Here are 10 cities in the U.S. that can help you feel young again:

    San Francisco, CA – the San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose area earns the top spot for the country’s youngest city. Residents in this area top the list in eating fruits and vegetables, and second in whole grains. They also have the lowest smoking rate and second best in staying active.

    Salt Lake City, UT – the Salt Lake City-Ogden area earns the second spot because residents here have the happiest marriages and second lowest smoking rate. Other factors that make them desirable a desirable place to live include taking daily aspirin and having a positive outlook in life.

    San Diego, CA – this city is the best when it comes to exercise because of its Pacific setting. Residents participate in a lot of sports and activities, third best in positive outlook, fourth lowest smoking rate.

    Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN – residents in this area know how to take care of themselves as they top the list for eating whole grains, second best in low stress, and third best in adequate sleep and vitamin D intake.

    Denver, CO – this city takes the top spot in optimism and third in staying active. Residents here love to cycle, run, and go hiking. All these activities help keep cholesterol levels in check, making them the second best place for healthy blood pressure.

    Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, NC – this city helps you keep a balanced lifestyle as it is home to the famous “Research Triangle”. It helps promote an active, optimistic, and socially connected population. The area ranks third in healthy cholesterol, fifth in healthy blood pressure and strong employment levels.

    Boston, MA – the Boston-Worcester-Lawrence area is found to have the best health insurance coverage helping residents become health-conscious. Residents in this area choose a healthy lifestyle by exercising and choosing healthy foods like whole grain, fruits, and vegetables; the same reason they are second best in healthiest cholesterol.

    Austin, TX – being a college town, it helps the city become health-conscious because they know what is good and bad for their health. The area is found to have the best employment rate among the cities; thus, residents feel less stress and are more optimistic.

    Washington, D.C. – the Washington-Baltimore area houses the nation’s power brokers therefore living with more stress than most cities. However, they are found to have good diet habits and a low smoking rate, helping residents cope with everyday stress. This area ranks best for income and third in employment.

    Los Angeles, CA – the Los Angeles-Riverside-Orange County area residents stay young because they maintain heart-healthy habits like exercise, diet that includes fruits and vegetables, taking aspirin, and not smoking.

    If you are planning to relocate to another city, the cities mentioned may just be a good starting point for a healthy lifestyle. Aside from the environment and the people you will meet, the population’s lifestyle will help you develop habits that will make you less prone to heart diseases and other illnesses.




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