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    Enrolling in a brain fitness program is a wise move for people regardless of any age. Brain fitness is defined as the condition of the brain to function normally. A person who has good brain condition is able to perform daily activities and think well, create reasonable decisions, and stay focus.

    There are several brain fitness programs that you can join; one of them is the HAPPYneuron – an award-winning brain fitness program that caters to people of different ages. HAPPYneuron offers a variety of brain games that will stimulate attention, language, memory, visual-spatial, and executive function skills. The featured brain games are scientifically-validated; thus, ensuring people to enjoy an exciting level of learning.

    Listed below are some of the brain games offered by HAPPYneuron which are targeted at enhancing the five significant areas of the brain.

    • An American in Paris – This can be a good brain exercise to examine history. This game is all about a guided tour of famous monuments in Paris.
    • Secret Files – This is a good game to enhance your language skills. This game involves classifying words into categories before they disappear.
    • Sound Check – This can be a good game to stimulate attention. In the game, you will be asked to distinguish different sounds among the others.
    • Countdown – This game helps enhance your executive function by training your calculation skills in discovering formulas.
    • Points of view – This game exercises your visual-spatial ability by allowing you to guess at which point of view the picture is taken.

    Happyneuron aims to help individuals enhance their capacity to learn new things and expand knowledge on a variety of things.

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