• List of Online Support Groups for Kids with Disabilities

    Joining online support groups is one way to connect with people who are facing the same challenges in life. An online support group can help you cope better and feel less isolated as you build connection with medical experts and professionals, reach out to other patients, participate in various fundraising activities, and share experiences with other people.

    If you are looking for support groups that cater to the needs of kids with disabilities, consider the following options:


    This is an online community that is made up of parents, doctors, caregivers, and others who have experience working with disabled kids. Our-Kids organization promotes a supportive “family atmosphere” that is open to anyone who wants to join the group regardless of nationality and religion. By joining the group, you will have the chance to discuss with other members the achievements and ups and downs of disabled children; get idea on how to address some common problems; and seek for assistance in terms of disability treatment and recovery.

    Action for Kids

    This is an online charity group that has been around for 20 years. Action for Kids helps kids with disabilities by providing them with mobility equipments, learning, training, and support. It also supports various fundraising campaigns and gives people the opportunity to help through donations.  The charity welcomes all kids who have physical and learning disabilities, as well as parents who have disabled children.


    This is an online support group composed of medical experts and professionals. It aims to provide people who are suffering neurological disorders and orthopedic injuries with innovative solutions to recover. Rehabtek collaborates with prestigious hospitals and clinics to help provide disabled people with modern equipments and treatment whether they are in the hospital, clinic, or at home.

    Special Kids in UK

    UK-based online charity Special Kids in UK created by parents who have children with disabilities. It provides people the chance to discuss several issues and share experiences on caring for disabled kids through their discussion forums. Additionally, it offers parents who are raising children with communication disabilities the opportunity to borrow a single message communication device through the Alex’s Big Mack Lending Service program.

    National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities

    The NICHCY website serves as a valuable resource center on disabilities in children and youth ages 3 to 22. It offers an opportunity to connect with disability organizations and professional associations in your state through their State Resource Sheets. Additionally, the website gives you access to research-based information about effective practices for children with disabilities.

    Family Voices

    Family Voices an online organization that aims to help parents achieve a family-centered care for their children with disabilities. It provides tips and advices, access to basic information on healthcare, and the opportunity to build partnership with health experts and professionals.

    C.A.S.T for Kids

    This is a public charity that welcomes volunteers to spend a day of fishing with disabled children. They host two programs – the C.A.S.T for Kids Program and the Fishing Kids Program – and hold monthly fishing events that government agencies and local interest groups can sponsor.

    Sports for Kids Foundation

    Sports for Kids Foundation is dedicated to assist physically and emotionally challenged children throughout the United States and Canada. One of their fundraising programs is the annual sports memorabilia auctions, which is geared at raising money to buy medical equipments for its beneficiaries. Among the gifts that the Foundation already presented are wheelchairs, nebulizers, medicines, hearing aids, glasses, and more.

    Kids Get Going

    This is a national charity that gives disabled children the opportunity to join a variety of sports fests, such as tennis, skiing, rugby, sailing, boccia, basketball, sledge hockey, table tennis, fencing, shooting, archery, powerlifting and many more. In order for disabled children to play, Kids Get Going provides them with different helping devices like wheelchairs. The charity also aims to help paralympians reach their dream by raising funds and welcoming sponsors.

    Cromwell Center

    This organization aims to help people with all kinds of disabilities to be treated fairly by providing students and educators with a special kind of education and training known as the Cromwell Method. The method is targeted at all types of people, whether or not they are suffering from certain kind of disability.


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