• The Rise of Drugged Driving in the Country

    Drunk driving is a big problem in the country and while there are continuous efforts to fight and educate people about this problem, a new threat on our highways is on the rise. Drugged driving is becoming a major problem in the country. According to a U.S. national survey, weekend night time drivers are 7 times more likely to be impaired by drugs than by alcohol. Reports show that the problem is reaching the same degree as the problem with drunk driving.

    The Statistics on Drugged and Drunk Driving

    Road accidents and crashes are some of the major causes of injuries and deaths in the country. These accidents are normally caused by drivers found under the influence of either alcohol or illicit drugs, sometimes both. Recent report show that drugged driving is becoming more common than drunk driving. Among weekend night time drivers in the country, 16% were tested positive for drugs, while 2% were found above legal alcohol limits. In addition to this, a study on seriously injured drivers at the Maryland Shock Trauma Center reported that 51% of the sample was positive on illegal drugs, while 34% tested positive for alcohol.

    In 2009, there were 10.9 million individuals who drove after taking drugs. The study also found that young adults aged 18 to 21 have the highest risk of drugged driving. A survey showed that 30% of senior high school students drove under the influence of drugs or experienced riding with a drug impaired driver.

    Drug of Choice

    So what do drivers usually take that leads to roadside accident? Drugs impair us in different ways, but the bottom line is that we are risking our safety and the safety of others when we take drugs. According to a study on seriously injured drivers, the following drugs were found on those who were tested:

    • Marijuana – 26.9% of drivers were positive
    • Cocaine – 11.6% of drivers were positive
    • Metamphetamine / amphetamine – 5.6%

    In another study on British Columbia roadside drivers, researchers found that marijuana and cocaine were the most commonly used substances. Researchers also found that some drivers were using opiates, amphetamine, methamphetamine, and benzodiazepines.

    Although there are still a lot of incidents of drunk driving, studies show the rise of drugged driving. According to the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), there has been a decline in motor vehicle crashes in the past five years. However, the rise of drivers tested positive on drugs continues to increase.




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