• The Purpose and Process of Cognitive Testing

    Cognitive testing is one of the best techniques in psychology that basically aims to assess a person’s mental capability and measure the level of intelligence. It also serves as a tool to select questions needed for the survey and refine the response options.

    Cognitive testing also plays a big role in testing health-related report materials to know whether or not they are of top quality and logical. The following are more significant functions of cognitive testing.

    • · Get early indications whether or not the readers can understand the output
    • · Explore the different reactions of people towards the given questions to assess how much they have understood and how much additional information is needed for them to understand
    • · Try out some possible solutions and problems or create different versions of presenting an idea to know which one is clearly understood by the respondents

    The process of cognitive testing follows the cognitive model of question-response wherein there are only two subjects involved: interviewer and respondents. The interviewer presents questions or report materials for the respondents to answer or interpret. During the process, the interviewer may judge the respondents through four different concepts. These include comprehension, retrieval, judgment, and response.

    There are many types of cognitive tests. Although the process may be the same, each may vary from each other depending on what the researcher or psychologist is trying to achieve.

    Below is a table that shows the different types of cognitive tests depending on their purpose or aim.

    Purpose Types of Test
    to assess the intelligence of a person Kohs Block, Mental Age, Miller Analogies Test, Otis-Lennon School Ability Test, Raven’s Progressive Matrices, Stanford-Binet IQ Test, Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale,  Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Wonderlic Test
    to assess the memory capacity of a person Iconic Memory Test, Short Term Memory Test, Long Term Memory Test, Semantic Memory Test, Episodic Memory Test, Visual Short Term Memory Test, Working Memory Test
    to assess the cognitive development of a person Cambridge Neuropsychological Test Automated Battery, CDR Computerized Assessment System, Cognitive Pretesting, Cognitive Process Profile (CPP), Draw-A-Person Test, Knox Cubes, Modern Language Aptitude Test, Porteus Maze Test
    for self assessment Intelligence Self Assessment, Rouge Test, Mirror Test, Metacognition Test, The Sally-Anne Test

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