• SHRM & DATIA Poll Show Positive Effects of Conducting Workplace Drug and Alcohol Tests

    Employers and organizations are responsible for their employees’ safety at work. Implementing a workplace drug and alcohol testing program is a way of making sure that employees are healthy and that they are safe among their colleagues. Other than having a safe workplace, organizations that follow a drug and alcohol testing policy are seen to increase their overall productivity and a decline in compensation incidence rates.

    Positive Effects of Workplace Alcohol and Drug Testing Policy

    The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) together with the Drug and Alcohol Industry Association (DATIA) released a poll on how drug testing affects productivity and absenteeism in organizations. Out of all the organizations that participated in the study, 57% conduct drug tests on job candidates, while 29% do not conduct tests on any job candidates.  Most of the organizations that follow a drug testing policy as part of their pre-employment requirements have been doing it for 7 years or more, while some of the organizations have only been doing it for 5 to 6 years.

    The statistics show that organizations who implement a drug and alcohol testing policy are likely to continue it once implemented. Organizations reported positive effects like an increase in employee productivity; and a decrease in absenteeism and workers compensation incidence rates by 50 percent after implementing such testing policy.

    Other Findings

    Although a lot of organizations are following a drug and alcohol testing policy, the study found that most organizations don’t do post-employment testing on existing employees. They normally do it mainly for pre-employment testing. When organizations do post-employment testing it is mainly because of post-accident. Other reasons for post-testing include random and reasonable suspicion.

    These findings from SHRM and DATIA can help us understand the importance of investing in a drug and alcohol testing policy. DATIA chairman elect and the study’s principal investigator believe that this study shows how drug testing may yield a higher return on investment for organizations. With a safe and drug-free work environment, employees are able to work more efficiently, increasing the organizations productivity while lowering absenteeism and accident rates, both of which attributes to company loss.



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