• List of Canada Health Organizations

    Health organizations play a significant role in the cessation of tobacco smoke. They are in charge of assessing all forms of tobacco use and documenting rate of exposure to second hand smoke (SHS), as well as environmental tobacco smoke (ETS). Health organizations also hold big responsibilities in discussing the negative effects of tobacco exposure and providing effective strategies to help smokers quit smoking.

    Below is a list of Canadian Health Organizations that work on preventing smoking within specific populations.


    Meaning Duties and responsibilities
    CAMH Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Research facility and hospital that gives direct patient care
    CCHS Canadian Community Health Survey Gather health-related data at the sub-provincial levels of geography
    CCS Canadian Cancer Society Community-based of charitable organizations that help to eradicate cancer and help people who are suffering from it
    CTG Cessation Task Group Part of Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion Community Action Working Group (CAWG) which helps promote and develop smoking cessation strategies
    LHIN Local Health Integration Network of Ontario A group of healthcare partners that provides access to healthcare services for the residents of Ontario
    OTRU Ontario Tobacco Research Unit Considered as the focal point for an active tobacco control research network in Ontario
    PHA Public Health Agency of Canada Aims to promote and protect the health of Canadians
    CMA Canadian Medical Association Voluntary association of physicians that promotes effective healthcare services to Ontario residents
    EICP HCI Enhancing Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Primary Health Care Initiative Funded by Health Canada’s Primary Health Care Transition Fund to motivate Canadians get involved in healthcare practices
    HCC Health Council of Canada Monitors and reports the progress of health in Canada
    CBPPHP CDP Canadian Best Practices Portal for Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention Provides online evidence-based interventions and practices to quit tobacco and prevent diseases
    CHSRF Canadian Health Services Research Foundation Provides information related to healthcare in Canada
    CIHI Canadian Institute for Health Information Provides data and reports about latest health policies and supports effective healthcare services

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