• Significance of the National Treatment Agency for Drug Misuse

    Every people who are addicted to drugs is actually endangered of many health issues, worst is death. Aside from the different UK drug testing methods to assessed drug dependence and the types of drugs commonly abused by the citizens, the government has actually established some goals to help these people recover from drug addiction and be progressive in the future.

    One of the significant goals of government is the recovery from drug abuse. In fact, the decrease in the number of people misusing illicit drugs in the recent years has implied positive indications of recovery.

    National Treatment Agency for Drug Misuse

    England basically has established ways to help drug addicts from drug abuse. And as part of the National Health Services in England, the government has paved the way to build the National Treatment Agency for Substance Abuse in 2001. The health center basically offers effective treatment, medical interventions, and recovery counsels to help those people who have become addicted with alcohol and other substance, recover from their addiction.

    The following are some good indicators that drug treatment in UK has been effective.

    • According to recent surveys, the number of people recovering from drug addiction rose to 27, 69 in 201 compared in the previous years.
    • Over 71, 000 individuals have successfully completed the treatment process of drug recovery since 2001.
    • A number of people who have recently came into treatment have recovered immediately
    • The number of people needing for repeated treatment have reduced to almost 10, 000. Most of them have actually become addicted to heroin and cocaine.

    There are many advantages that can result from treating drug dependence in amount the youth and adults.  This is the reason why there has been a great effort on helping people recover from drug addiction. In fact, this has been of the important keys to lessen some of the social issues aired on television and radios. The following are the benefits of recovery from abuse.

    • Reduce crime rate and various criminal assaults as a result from too much self confidence and extreme irritation during high moments.
    • Reduce premarital sex and unexpected pregnancies among teenagers which is usually brought up by sudden orgasm whenever teens abuse ecstasy on night outs and other parties.
    • Reduce vehicular accidents due to the numbness of the basic senses as a result from extreme euphoria.
    • Reduce sexual assaults and other incidents.
    • Reduce drug dependence related deaths.

    Drug Testing at Home

    The safety of children from drug addiction can start from home. Parents can use the drug testing kits in order to assess whether or not kids have recently abused some illegal drugs. Kids from 11 to 15 years old are actually found to be very prone to drug abuse, thus; with the help of the drug testing kits, parents can detect drug positivity in kids as well as the type of drug being used such as marijuana or cannabis, cocaine, barbiturates, amphetamines, and opioids.

    Basically, parents can administer private drug testing and while it is proven to be accurately easy and reliable, parents can do it anytime on kids without having them acquainted of the test. Private drug testing follows the new federal cut-off level of drug metabolite in the body. The new federal cut-off is the limit of drug contents in the body that will basically confirms positivity of drug use among kids and adults. For instance, in order to be labeled positive in marijuana, the confirmatory cut-off should be 50 ng/ml.


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