• How Children can Cope with Alcoholic Parents

    Alcoholism is a disease that needs to be treated. It can affect a person’s life by causing health problems that can damage one’s physical and mental abilities. This is especially hard when it affects other people like friends and family, especially children. Children who are living with alcoholic parents or guardians are at high risk of serious mental, physical, emotional and psychological implications.

    Children with alcoholic parents may feel ashamed or embarrassed by their parents. They may also feel emotions like anger, sadness, and feeling hurt. Children exposed to alcoholic parents may experience being verbally or physically abused and feel the lack of care and guidance from an adult. However, even if they are angry about their parents’ addiction, they still love and worry about them.

    Here are some tips on how children can cope with alcoholic parents:

    Accept the problem – kids will try to protect, hide, or even deny a parent’s drinking problem. It helps to recognize and accept that there is a problem and it has to be treated. You can ask your teacher, counsellor, or any adult you trust about the problem. You can ask organizations that help with alcoholism. If applicable, you can ask your parent to take a home alcohol test to determine the alcohol concentration in the blood.

    Be aware – it helps to know and understand how your parent’s drinking affects you. This will help you put things into perspective. Remember that your parent’s drinking problem is not your fault but the person’s own doing.

    Learn healthy ways of coping – because you are exposed to alcohol, try to learn a healthy way to cope with the problem. Avoid alcohol and drugs even when the pressure is too much. Instead, use role models like your uncles, aunts, parents of friends and see how they cope with their troubles without resorting to alcohol.

    Find support – bottled-up emotions are not good. Talk to your close friend about it or an adult you can trust and who will give you good advice. Talking to someone about your problems can always give you strength.

    Do not repeat the problem – you already know what alcohol can do to someone. Try to avoid using alcohol or drugs as a means to escape. Instead, focus on your studies and try to lead a better life.

    Children are sensitive to problems and there is always the need to understand why a problem is happening. Never blame yourself even if a parent tells you it is your fault. It is a person’s own doing that pushed them to alcoholism. The best way that you can do is cope and find a way to help them recover from the addiction. You can suggest getting home alcohol testing kits to make them see that their drinking habit has become a problem.




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