• Ways on How to Prevent Substance Abuse

    Drug and alcohol use lead to serious problems for individuals and the society. It is a problem that is costing the nation more than $200 billion dollars in health care costs, lost productivity, crime incidents, and social costs. It also contributes to an estimated 130,000 deaths per year. These numbers present how it is affecting the lives of Americans. In 2000, the Office of Justice Programs published the Promising Strategies to Reduce Substance Abuse program. The program covers prevention, treatment, and law enforcement strategies to ensure the safety and health of Americans.


    The need for preventive strategies is important to fight substance abuse. Abuse starts from curiosity, trying and experimenting. Proper help from communities to educate and reach out to young people about the harms of drug use help as preventive measures.

    • Schools play an influential part in educating students about substance abuse because teachers and administrators can detect possible signs of drug use among students. Strong educational programs about drug use can enhance awareness and resistance skills.
    • Prevention efforts should begin early and continue to adolescence. This is to prepare kids from exposure to peer pressure and how they can say no to alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs.
    • Promote drug-free after school activities like sports and clubs. These character building activities will help reduce exposure to drugs and promote awareness of the risks of substance abuse.
    • Build close family relationships. Parents and guardians are influential to kids and being a role model to them through words and deeds will help in preventing substance abuse. Research shows that parents who talk often about the dangers of alcohol and drug use with their children lessen the chances of experimenting with the substances.
    • Community programs that address the issues on substance abuse can help spread awareness to everyone. This will help strengthen the community’s willingness to fight and reduce substance abuse. Efforts will also ensure a safer environment.

    People are prone to use alcohol and drugs but some have a higher risk of getting addicted to these substances. Educating people and building awareness through the efforts of schools, parents, and the community, will help reduce the chances of substance abuse. The efforts will also ensure a healthier and safer environment for everyone.



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