• How to Recover from Alcohol Abuse

    Alcohol abuse is characterized by a drinking pattern that harms a person’s health, productivity, social and interpersonal relationships. Intoxication is associated with car accidents, fights, and domestic violence. It causes injury, disability, and even death. Alcohol use also cause crime and social problems that involve harming innocent lives.

    Alcohol abuse causes mental and physical damage to a person. Long term use leads to organ damage, cancer, and increases the risk of getting diseases. It affects the way a person lives and may lead to destructive behavior. There are ways on how to recover from alcohol drink abuse if one feels that they are drinking too much on a daily basis.

    Cutting Down

    If one cannot avoid drinking, try to cut down instead. It is important to keep your goal in mind when cutting down on alcohol intake. Just remember the things that could happen if you continue to abuse your body with alcohol. Recognizing the problem then taking a step to improve will make the difference in your recovery. Here are some tips on how to cut down on your drinking.

    • Keep Track. Be conscious of how much you drink. It helps to list down the number of cans, bottles, or glass of alcohol you consume. Write down the dates as well. Keeping track will make you see how much you drink and also your progress.
    • Count and measure. Be aware of drink sizes and alcohol content in drinks. This will allow you to drink only up to a tolerable level. Although everyone has different tolerance levels, the less you drink the better.
    • Set goals. Remember why you are cutting down and never break it. Decide when you are drinking and try not to drink on most days of the week.
    • Pace. Sip slowly when you drink and drink non-alcoholic beverages in between. Do not take more than one drink with alcohol in an hour.
    • Do not drink with an empty stomach. Your body will absorb the alcohol faster if your stomach is empty.
    • Avoid places or people who make you drink even when you do not want to.

    Support Groups

    If you want to stop drinking alcohol but do not know where to start, join support groups. Joining a support group helps because they are dedicated to treating those with the same problem. They give you ways on how to cope with the withdrawal and support you in the process of fighting your battle with alcohol. They share experiences that can be an eye opener for you, leading to your recovery.

    On the national level, under the U.S National Institutes of Health, The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) is dedicated to provide support through programs that can help treat alcohol problems. The institute is known to do biomedical and behavioral research in finding ways on how to treat alcohol abuse problems in the country. They share the country’s goal of reducing harm that is caused by alcohol consumption.

    There are many ways on how to stop alcohol abuse. Once you are set to drop the drinking habit, you can either find groups or try to do it on your own by gradually reducing your alcohol intake. If you think you need professional help, there are programs that are dedicated to treating alcohol abuse all over the country.






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    One thought on “How to Recover from Alcohol Abuse

    • Nice article, according to the American Medical Association and the World Health Organization Alcoholism is a disease. An alcoholic can’t ever have one drink. The first drink triggers their alcoholism, which is a craving for more and more drinks. They say “one drink is to many and a thousand is never enough”. Millions of people die every year from alcohol related events. If you or someone you know has a drinking problem, get help, please.

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