• Drugs and How it Affects Driving Skills

    It is common to hear accidents about drunk driving, or when a person drives while intoxicated. Other than driving under the influence of alcohol, reports are showing the rise in drug driving. Drug driving is considered when a person drives after taking drugs. Most often than not, drivers who are found under the influence of drugs also have traces of alcohol in their system. Drinking alcohol and driving is bad enough, combining it with illegal drugs increases the risk of being in an accident.

    People have the misconception that taking drugs are safer than drinking then driving. In the UK, reports show that drug driving is common among 20-24 year olds and found clubbers the most likely to drive after recreational drug use. Reports show that majority of these clubbers believed that marijuana use had no effect on their driving while those who used amphetamines believed that their driving skills improved.

    In fact, drug driving is as dangerous as drunk driving. According to studies in Canada about drug driving, there has been some 12, 978 drivers who died due to crashes on public roadways from 2000-2007. Drugs impair mental and physical capabilities making it dangerous for anyone under the influence to drive vehicles.

    Marijuana – this drug is found to impair one’s ability to drive a vehicle because common side effects include lack of concentration, difficulty in perceiving time and distance, drowsiness and hallucinations. These results in bad judgement, slow reaction time, poor speed control, and the driver can easily be distracted.

    Opiates – these types of drugs cause mental confusion, drowsiness, and visual impairment. It causes a driver to miscalculate roadways and turns, or even miss road signs. When taken with alcohol, the effects are heightened and may lead to cardiac arrest.

    Cocaine – this drug impairs judgement, motor skills, coordination and vision. It gives the user a sense of alertness when in reality your physical reactions are down. This makes it hard to drive a vehicle because it may confuse the driver. It gets the impression of being able to do one thing but the body does not react accordingly.

    Amphetamines – the use of this drug causes impaired vision, lack of concentration, and impaired judgement. It is a stimulant therefore increases anyone’s ability to take risks.

    Tranquilizers – these drugs cause drowsiness, impaired coordination, poor judgement, and slower reaction time. These side effects cause a driver to miss road signs, unable to maintain vehicle on the right lane, and have poor speed control.

    Taking alcohol and drugs are bad for our health alone. They cause serious harm to our bodies and may contribute to factors that can be fatal. There is nothing like living a clean and healthy life to enjoy what life has to offer.




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