• Alcohol Facts and Why We need to take it Easy

    Alcohol is a popular legal substance that is used socially and culturally. It is enjoyed by many in social occasions to loosen up. Anyone of legal age can buy alcohol and even though considered legal, people tend to abuse the substance that leads to social and health problems, sometimes even causing death due to accidents.

    Alcohol is fine if taken in moderation. This is what the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA) wants to promote across their country. CCSA and their partners made a study on how alcohol is affecting their country and its people, the results are shocking and this is why they want to promote awareness.

    The Facts

    CCSA found that in 2002, the total financial cost of alcohol-related harm in Canada was $14.6 Billion. The breakdown of this cost is as follows:

    • $7.1 Billion in lost productivity because of illness and premature death.
    • $3.3 Billion in cost of direct health care.
    • $3.1 Billion in law enforcement.
    • The total translates to $463 for every living Canadian.

    And according to the Canadian Addiction Survey done in 2004, 80% of Canadians aged 15 and above reported alcohol use in the 12 months prior to the survey. The survey also found that overall consumption of alcohol in Canada increased from 7.2 litres (aged 15 and above) in 1997, to 7.9 litres per capita in 2004. The rise of consumption means the rise of alcohol-related harm in any population.

    These facts are from Canada’s population but it shows how it can affect any population. Alcohol abuse causes death by accidents like car accidents. It also causes social problems and develops health problems, like injuries and chronic diseases, after long term consumption. Reports also show how alcohol harms individuals, families, and communities.

    Alcohol abuse causes harm to one’s self and to others therefore it is better to drink it in moderation if one cannot avoid it. Drinking moderately means being a responsible individual and making sure that no harm is done to those who are around us.



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