• All you need to know about Cockroach Allergy

    The word “allergy” makes most of us immediately think about plant pollens, dust, animals and stinging insects. Individuals generally assume that these trigger allergy. However, the fact is that even cockroaches can trigger allergies and asthma.

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    Allergy Test Kit

    In the year 1943, the first case of cockroach allergy was discovered. The skin rashes were observed all over the patient’s skin immediately after the cockroach crawled over. The tests conducted subsequently proved that the patients suffered from cockroach allergy.

    As per studies carried out in the 1970s, those patients who suffered from cockroach allergies were prone to acute asthma attacks. These attacks happen due to inhaling of cockroach allergens and may last for hours.

    There has been a considerable rise in the asthma cases in the past 30 years. Especially in children it has become most common chronic disease.

    In most of the cases the asthma attack is often due to cockroach allergens. These allergens are the main substances that cause allergies. Nearly 60 percent of urban residents having asthma are susceptible to the cockroach allergen.

    The reason for the increase in the rate of asthma in children is not yet fully comprehended. However, one of the main reasons for it is that children usually play in the house and so are prone to inhale these allergens. That’s why children living in cities suffer with these types of asthma attacks.

    The allergic reaction is caused due to the cockroach allergens. The immune systems of individuals prone to allergies are supersensitive. Therefore when such individuals inhale or come in contact with harmless substances such as pollen or cockroaches they suffer from allergic reactions.

    A strong immune system is crucial   to live a  healthy life. The main function of the immune system is to protect the body from virus and bacterial attacks.

    Cockroaches are found in every part of the world. According to research every home has from 900 to 330,000 of the insects. The cockroach allergens are thought to be derived from feces, saliva and the bodies of these insects.

    Houses with a rising amount of cockroach allergens have increased risk to asthma attacks. Allergen particles are huge and settle swiftly on surfaces.

    Individuals suffering from chronic severe bronchial asthma are found to be more prone to cockroach allergies. Moreover, individuals suffering from chronic stuffy nose, skin rash, and constant sinus infection have bright chances of developing cockroach allergies.

    Cockroach allergy is found to be more in individuals with low socioeconomic background.

    According to a study carried out in inner-city children, 37 percent were allergic to cockroaches, 35 percent to dust mites, and 23 percent to cats. Those that suffered from cockroach allergies were subjected to asthma attacks 3 times more than the rest.

    The symptoms may vary from person to person. Some of them may get a mildly itchy skin, irritating throat or itchy eyes and nose. While in certain cases it may be severe persistent asthma.

    If you are constantly subjected to serious allergic symptoms, it is advisable to consult your doctor immediately.

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