• Coolest New Baby Names for 2011 (Boys/Girls)

    Every couple dream of having a baby- it is the sign of their love and affection to one another. Having a baby is a gift from God. Parents usually plan the names for the baby even before the child was born. They say, “If my baby is a boy, this will be his name!” ”I want to call my baby girl by this name” and others like that. Picking the right name for a baby is not that easy. Parents want their children to have those unique, interesting names knowing that the children will bear these names all throughout their lives: in their school, in legal documents, the way their friends will call them and the way it will make an impact and impression towards the others especially the opposite sex. Here is some of the newest, trendy, in-demand, hot and unique names that parents can choose for the year 2011.

    According to the data based on the Social Security Administration, here are the names that will surely be hot pick for babies this 2011, each of them in their respective categories:




    Retro Baby Names Gavin, Isaac, Jacoby, Liam, Wyatt,  Nathan, Sebastian, Audrey, Charlotte, Claire, Hazel, Madelyn, Hazel, Silas, Sophie
    Religious/Biblical Baby Names Aaron, Asher, Gabriel, Joseph, Joshua, Luke, Noah, Solomon Ann, Delilah, Eden, Esther, Jane, Naomi
    Baby Names Influenced by Economy Ace, Cash, Diego, Jacob, Owen, Ryder, Shane, Tucker Aubrey, Carly, Elsa, Daphne, Harley, Harper, Lola, Heidi, Marley, Heidi, Stella
    Baby Names Inspired by Celebrities Anthony, Brody, Chace, Jonas, Jonah, Penn, Sebastian, Tristan Blake, Evangeline, January, Hayden, Miley, Leighton, Scarlett, Taylor,
    Baby Names Inspired by Politics and History Abraham, Barack, Anderson, Carter, Immanuel, Jackson, Jefferson, Tyler Arianna, Eleanor, Hillary, Kennedy, Madison, Madeline, Taylor, Reagan
    Baby Names Inspired by Space and Places Dallas, Essex, Lincoln, Leo, Orion, Santiago, Phoenix, Trenton Aurora, Brooklyn, Camden, Charlotte, Catalina, China, London, Sydney
    Baby Names Inspired by Sports Brady, Colt, Colton, Daniel, Eli, Evan Bethanie, Melanie, Natalie, Peyton, Serena
    Baby Names Inspired by TV, Movies and Music Campbell, Charlie, Cooper, Edward, Grey, Max, Sterling Amelia, Bella, Betty, Isabela, Kylie, Joan, Mariah, Layla, Peggy, Melody
    Baby Names Inspired by Nature and Time Asher, Colt, Heath, Jasper, Hunter, Marco, Jett, Stone Autumn, Camila, Giselle, Ivy, June, Lily, May, Ruby, Violet, Willow
    Baby Names Inspired by Writers and Fiction Atticus, Becket, Finnegan, Harper, Holden, Oscar, Logan, William Alice, Chloe, Charlotte, Genevieve, Juliet, Harper, Penelope, Luna, Phoebe
    Trends for Twins Caleb and Joshua, Elijah and Isaiah, Ethan and Evan, Isaac and Isaiah, James and John, Landon and Logan, Logan and Lucas, Matthew and Michael Addison and Avery, Ava and Emma, Ella and Emma, Faith and Hope, Gabriella and Isabella, Jayden and Jaylen, Olivia and Sophia
    Names for Twins: Boy/Girl Adrian and Adriana, Aiden and Ava, Caleb and Callie, Jordan and Jayden, Hayden and Hunter, Madison and Mason, Natalie and Nathan, Samuel and Sophia


    Another list of names is listed below:




    Celebrity Names Arlo, Dexter, Flynn, Penn, Rufus Anniston, Evangeline, Isadora, Isla, Seraphina
    Literary Names Archer, Atticus, Dashiell, Holden, Truman Anais, Darcy, Eloise, Isolde, Ophelia
    Nicknames Buddy, Buster, Jack, Theo, Will Daisy, Edie, Kate, Maisie, Minnie

    Resource: http://nameberry.com/blog/baby-names-2011-the-hottest-choices-in-every-category

    And another list of unique names based on some categories:



    Most Alarming Name Genre Switch Buster, Buddy, Chloe, Zoe, Marly (names of dogs)
    The Syllable “HA” Hayden, Harry, Hazel, Harrison, Harper, Hadley, Hank, Haven, Hal, Hart, Harriet, Hattie, Hale, Harley, Hartley, Harlow
    Latin Endings Atticus, Aurelius, Augustus, Cassius, Maximus, Amadeus, Rufus, Amos, Miles
    Gender  Bending Names Paxton, Peyton, Sawyer, Sasha,
    Fresh Flower Names Azalea, Dahlia, Poppy, Lotus, Lilac, Acacia, Marigold, Camellia
    O Vowel

    Boys: Oscar, Owen, Orson, Otto, Orlando, Milo (Girls :) Olive, Olympia, Octavia and Ophelia

    Resource: http://nameberry.com/blog/baby-names-2011-14-hottest-trends-to-track-now


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