• Top 5 Craiglist Job Scams

    Poverty all over the world is greatly increasing every year. With the world’s economic and financial crises, the number of unemployed individuals is also growing an immense number. Job hunt is the best way to reduce this number of unemployed but the concern is, the number of scams and fraud job offers are also widely available especially online. Well, Craigslist is one culprit for this. Scammers are very common in Craigslist and anytime can victimize an innocent person. Here is the top 5 craigslist job scams that people especially job hunters should be wary about.

    5. Excess Funds Scam

    This is the most common scam available in Craigslist. The usual prospect of scammers is the personal assistants. In this scam, the scammer will pretend that he or she will be out of town and the method of wage payment will be on checks. Here, the scammer will give the victim a check or any other form of money (of course it’s fake) asking the victim to deposit it to his bank account. Next, the scammer will then ask him to deposit a portion of the deposited money minus his wage to another bank account. If this process is made before the bank identifies the check is fake, you’ve been a victim! The scammer got your money.

    4. Affiliate Link Swaps

    Here, when you visit a site that runs on a lead generation system, you will be ask to fill out forms which they will sell later on. This is not the scam; it’s just the way it is.

    There are some that offers affiliate program asking affiliates to send them lead and in return will be paid for that. Here comes the scam. The scammer realized that you are being paid from every person who fills out a form because of that they become creative too. Here, the link swaps takes place when you click a portion of the website to fill out a form, you will be directed not on the companies’ employment section but in a large national board. The job hunter will be harm for the scammer gives their info on head hunters and email list. Unfortunately, there will be no progress in your job search.

    3. Writing Samples/TV Robot

    The target of scammers here are the freshly grads and freelancer writers. Here, the scammers are usually working in a company that needs thousands of content articles. Scammers will post a fake job ad and when someone shows interest, the scammer will ask the applicant to write a sample article. He will give the writer keywords or topics and they will have a time limit and deadlines. When the writer finished his work and passed his article, that will be the last time that he will hear from the scammer. To avoid this, before a writer starts to write anything, INVESTIGATE first about the person or the company where the employer belongs. Most of the time, these scammers don’t have physical office or credentials.

    2. Pay to Play

    More common to us as”Pyramid Scam”, this scam often occurs in large conference halls with health and beauty products as the stars. Here, the scammer will earn profit from every person who signs up the membership program putting them on their downside. The more new members or new victims under his name, the more profit he will earn. The scam also survives by selling this starter kits and that cost money.

    1. Google Scam

    Here, scammers explain that Google is paying individuals to set links and some other monotonous tasks. The scammer will ask a minimal fee for the so called “starter kit” that would only cost you a couple of dollars for shipping. But the real target here is your credit card details. Once they have that, you’re dead. You will be surprised in your monthly charges, having a reoccurring $80 or more every month. The sad thing is, it will take you some time before you can fix it and the scammer had already earned a lot from you.


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