• 5 Toxic Elements That Can Affect the Development of Your Child and Why

    If you’re like most parents who worry about the toxic elements that your children may have been exposed to then you may want to avail of medical testing to determine the extent of their exposure. The whole world poses a challenge to every parent who worries about the safety of his or her children even from the harmful cosmetics that they get expose to on a daily basis.

    Home testing kits have become common in most households concerned about the presence of toxic elements in almost everything that children get in contact with from their homes to schools and everything in between.

    What are toxic elements?

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has defined toxic elements as substances, which are harmful to the health and the environment. You will be surprised to find out that there are many toxic chemicals commonly found in the household including laundry detergents, toilet bowl cleaners, perfumes, furniture polish and a lot more. It is thus imperative that parents choose child safe cleaning products to ensure their safety even at home.

    There is a reason to be vigilant about exposing your children to these toxic elements which can affect and even cause a delay in their development:

    1. Lead

    Children and lead should be avoided at all times although this is easily said than done given that it is commonly found in harmful cosmetics, paint, cigarettes, water, and even in human food like meat and fruits. Lead poisoning can affect the neurocognitive development of your child as the element easily finds its way to the blood and important organs like the thyroid, brain, liver and bones. Low dose exposure to lead has even been linked by Boston’s American Academy of Pediatrics and the Pediatric Academic Societies to development and behavior problems in child and adolescents.

    2. Arsenic

    Mothers who are worried about the presence of toxic contaminants like arsenic from manufactured food products should have a home testing kit on standby at all times. The possibility of getting arsenic on your child’s food increases if you don’t prepare the food yourself and you rely on commercially processed food. You will be surprised that even the reputable companies producing baby food products are being monitored by food safety agencies for the high levels of arsenic found in their products. Babies who are not breast-fed and are fed instant rice porridge have greater chances of arsenic exposure. This is dangerous to babies who are going through rapid development and whose reproductive organs are not yet fully mature.

    3. Mercury

    Exposure to the toxic element mercury which is present in aquatic environments can impair the development of your child’s brain. Watersheds in the United States have high concentrations of mercury because of pollution. Your child can get mercury not only from large fish products but also from tattoo dyes, paints and dental fillings.

    4. Nickel

    If there are cigarette smokers in the family then it might be a good idea to get a home testing kit and have your children tested for the presence of nickel in their bodies. You may be surprised to discover that starting up your engines regularly inside you home garage can lead to nickel poisoning not only among children but also even among adults as nickel is found in car exhaust. Your children are actually not safe from nickel as it is contained in harmful cosmetics, jewellery and even coins. One of the most common effects of nickel exposure is allergic reaction which can be manifested in dermatitis, skin rash or even asthma attack.

    5. Cadmium

    The exposure of your children to Cadmium, through the inhalation of fumes, can result to pneumonitis, kidney damage and even death. While your child can get exposed to Cadmium through the combustion of fossil fuel, it can also come as a result of the incineration of solid waste and contaminated water and food.

    While using organic products for kids and opting for child safe cleaning products will lead to a healthier lifestyle and will lessen the exposure of your children to these toxic chemicals, the single act of smoking at home or in their presence is enough to expose them to cadmium, lead and the other toxic elements that can stunt their growth and development.


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