• Employee Background Checks Help You Make Informed Decisions

    Indeed, your business is a serious matter for you. And when it comes to hiring employees, any business owner would agree that the “right” candidate is not only skills-specific competent but also maintains good character. Ask yourself the following questions:

    •              Can you really tell if the job applicant has been involved with felony charges in the past by just interviewing him/her?

    •              Can you detect whether or not a person is taking or has the potential to take or abuse drugs/alcohol by simply observing how s/he conducts himself/herself during a job interview?

    The sad truth is, unless you do a background check or a criminal background check before signing up an employee there is no way you can determine whether or not the individual’s CV or personal claims are 100% true.

    Nowadays, more organizations are treading the safe side when it comes to hiring employees. Background checks and criminal background checks have become commonplace in the workforce. For employers, this strategy assures them of hiring only the best and eliminates dealing with any future behavior problems.

    Knowing the past of a potential employee is also fundamental to the progress of your business. Just imagine the risk you have to take when you hire someone by just relying on the job interview and CV of the person. As an employer, you have to know whether or not you can trust the employee and can delegate him/her tasks that impacts the flow of your business.

    There are services – such as the one offered on Testcountry – that are specifically designed to find out the past of a job candidate in terms of their previous work experience, arrest warrants, felony charges, or credit card records. Background checks and criminal background checks dig deep into a person’s past to help you make informed decision.

    According to the AMA 2004 Workplace Testing Survey: Medical Testing, the results of medical exams including drug testing are used by the employers in a variety of employment decisions.

    •              53.5% for decisions about hiring job applicants

    •              37% for retaining or dismissing employees

    •              8.5% for assigning or reassigning employees

    Furthermore, background checks are ideal for making sure that the workplace is drug or alcohol-free. Likewise, it gives you a great peace of mind knowing that employees are performing well in their jobs. In return, employees who work in a safe and happy environment are guaranteed to have increased motivation and productivity.

    If you decide to conduct a background check to your job applicants, go for background services that are reputable and reliable. They are likely to provide you with detailed information in a rapid manner. Background screening like that offered on Testcountry include drug testing, searches on nationwide criminal with SSN trace and aliases, searches on Sex Offender Registry and so forth.


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