• Steroid Testing Your Teenager – 10 Things You Need to Know

    As a parent, you may be terrified of discovering that your child is taking steroids. Asking your teenager to take a drug test will most probably be a difficult task. Here are some pros and cons of asking your teenager to take a steroid test:

    Pros of Steroid Testing

    1. Steroid testing can save lives.

    You may feel some hesitation towards implementing drug testing in your home. However, you must keep in mind one important fact: that drug testing can save lives. You’ll be able to detect if any member of your household is taking drugs, and you’ll be able to seek medical attention immediately.

    2. Drug testing gives you peace of mind.

    To be honest, steroid testing is more beneficial to the parents compared to their children. It gives parents peace of mind that their children aren’t in any danger, and are generally in good health.

    3. It doesn’t have to be an invasive procedure.

    A steroid test does not have to be an invasive type of test. Most drug tests for this drug are urine-based, which is extremely simple to do. Steroids tend to stay in the body for 2 weeks up to a month, which is why it will most probably appear on a steroid urine drug test.

    4. It opens the door to conversations about alternatives.

    Whether or not your teen’s drug test comes out positive, you can take the opportunity to have conversations with your children that you would not normally have with them. You can talk about healthy alternatives to steroids, such as certain foods or vitamin supplements.

    5. It will safeguard your child’s athletic career.

    One reason teenagers take steroids is to boost their athletic career. Although they may see the advantages of taking steroids, they may not understand the risks involved in taking them and in getting caught. By keeping your children drug free, you can ensure that their athletic career is not in jeopardy.

    Cons of Steroid Testing

    6. There will be backlash.

    As a parent, one thing you must be prepared for is backlash. Your teen will most probably feel that you do not trust them, especially if he or she did not do anything specific to make you doubt them. Trust will become an issue, and you must remember to address this issue before your child does.

    7. You will be greeted with an attitude.

    No matter how much you explain to your children that you are testing them for their benefit, they will most probably greet your decision with reluctance or even anger. Don’t allow yourself to be affected by their actions, however. If they have nothing to hide, they will eventually adjust to the idea of taking a drug test.

    8. It is an invasion of privacy.

    For a teenager, a drug test of any form is an invasion of privacy. At their age, teenagers value privacy and personal space above all else. Steroid testing your teens will make them feel like you are meddling in their personal lives.

    9. You may judge your teenager.

    If your child receives a positive drug test result, you may automatically assume that he or she is a heavy drug user. It may be possible that your child just tried it once, or was pressured by a classmate into taking it. One positive test result may make you say or do things that you might regret later. Make sure to listen to what your teen has to say.

    10. Teenage years are crucial.

    If you discover your child is taking steroids, you need to put plenty of thought into your next course of action. If the school discovers that your child is taking steroids, it’s possible that he or she will get kicked out of school. Other schools may also find out about your teen’s history with drugs, affecting his or her chances in getting accepted at a good college or university.

    These are some of the pros and cons of steroid testing your teenager. Remember to discuss your decision with your spouse and of course, your child. Communication is very important at this stage, and it is important that they understand why steroid testing them is essential.

    This Article is written by Lena Butler, contributor of Test Country Articles.


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