• Effects of JWH-018 and Why is it Dangerous?

    JWH-018, also called a ‘synthetic cannabinoid’, is an emerging drug of choice to replace the use of Marijuana. Since it provides the same effect or even better than Marijuana, most herbal smoke blends incorporate JWH-018 as part of the ingredients to achieve a better ‘high’ experience. Nevertheless, effects of JWH-018 still vary between individuals. Usually, novice smokers may undergo a much more profound “high” experience compared to regulars. A few users may or may not show the same signs and symptoms, however they may experience the same effect of JWH-018 in general.

    Cognitive and Psychological Effects of Smoking JWH-018

    JWH-018 mimics the mechanism of THC found in Marijuana, thus affecting the functions of the brain resulting to CNS depression. Since it binds itself to CB1 receptors dominantly found in the brain, expect to notice symptoms of alterations in the control of emotions, motivation, judgment, memory and learning. For smoking a regular dose of 3 to 5mg of JWH-018, its psychological effects include:

    • Drug_Test_Kits_125x125_maleheightened mood
    • enhanced sense of humor
    • heightened curiosity and intrigue
    • racing thoughts
    • time distortion and dilation
    • buzzing or humming like a psychedelic experience
    • reduced concentration
    • relaxing state
    • mild euphoria (phasing in between bouts)
    • Manic-depressive (hyperactivity to moments of dullness and vice versa)

    Physical Effects

    Same as its cognitive and psychological effects, physical effects are also predominantly, if not greater, the same for all users. JWH-018 causes the same Cannabis effects and actually confirmed through these following symptoms:

    • bloodshot eyes and droopy eyelids (only noted to some users)
    • drowsiness
    • tachycardia (increases heart rate)
    • visual effects (colors appear more full and vibrant)
    • heavy sinking feeling
    • respiratory suppression
    • controlled breathing
    • gastrointestinal discomfort (rarely happens)
    • possible heightened pleasurable sensitivity

    It also renders some positive effects such as analgesia and anti-anxiety. But, these claims are doubtful up to this day due to lack of evidence from scientific researches. Therefore, the proposal for its medical application as a response to its therapeutic effect is still out-of-the-question.

    synthetic drug banner

    Dangers of JWH-018

    Although no cases of dying from JWH-018 known, smoking higher doses of JWH-018 might be quite dangerous. Reported scarier and harmful effects include short-term memory loss, extreme sedation that may lead to coma, euphoria, paranoia, anxiety, slight confusion and vomiting. It clearly creates shocking brain effects, even cause severe life-threatening hallucinations, and some seizures. Aside from that, the frightening physical effects in the cardiovascular system, such as increase heart rate and blood pressure, may pose a threat to the body of the user. Thus, ignoring such negative effects of JWH-018 is big no-no.

    It is even more disturbing that JWH-018 may actually have a greater possibility for abuse. There was a case study about a man actually demonstrating withdrawal symptoms when he abstained himself from using JWH-018. He experienced tremors, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, bouts of headaches, insomnia and palpitations and even seemed restless with unclear thoughts.

    With all the commotions going on about JWH-018, especially its negative effects to the body, the issue remains at a standstill. There are already quite a number of reports proliferating in the Internet and even reached the ears of lawmakers, however the information remain as speculations. Since no clinical evidences and thorough scientific studies to back these claims, it is obvious that it will just become another rumor. Hence, hearsay or not, using something without knowledge about its possible harmful effects is still just plain ignorance.


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    50 thoughts on “Effects of JWH-018 and Why is it Dangerous?

    • bob says:

      ive seen prescription drugs with much worse side effects, yet some one seems to think that the benefit out weighs the risk. signs point to the dangers of JWH to be equal to that of THC and there is plenty of research in that field. The real danger arises when poor quality product is sold into a black market because it is banned.
      what bugs me the most is that we know of the dangers of smoking cigarettes, side effects include DEATH, but when something good comes along where some of the side effects is Euphoria and heightened sense of humor, law makers assume that the people of America have the will power of a baby and we cant help but over indulge so much that society itself will spin out of control if nothing is done to stop us. ridiculous

    • Joe says:

      Jwh mimics the effects of thc because it binds with the same receptors as thc.
      I’ve read alot on this subject and have had experience with several of these
      synthetic cannabanoids and have never experienced or even heard of anyone
      experiencing coma, seizures or “life threatening hallucinations”. The problem here
      is not not the drug, it’s the people who use it. If people who don’t put in the time
      and effort to understand the drug they are using then they will invariably end up
      using it irresponsibly and having adverse reactions. The key to using any recreational
      drug is to educate yourself and use it responsibly. Unfortunatley the powers that be
      use scare tactics to try to prevent people from using drugs, they make it difficult to
      find acurate information on the drugs, and so the drugs are misused and people wind up in emergency rooms and the l.e.a’s go on the news and say “we told you so, see how dangerous these drugs are?”. Just like everythng else the key to recreational drug use is education and resposible use. Unfortunatley most governments want to
      keep people uneducated and therefore unable to take responsibility for themselves

    • Dave says:

      I Overdosed on JWH 018 and 073 mix fused into mint leaf. The dangers are real, I experienced 3 weeks of anxiety panic attacks, night sweats, insomnia, vivid dreams, nausea, headaches and now I have general anxiety, I am afraid of what i have done to my self, I shake with anxiety and fear but also have muscle spasms, muscle cramps and muscle pains.

      I was stupid, I was ignorant and wreckless, if i could undo what I have done I would instantly.

    • Justin says:

      I know a polar bear who has been smoking this substance for four weeks straight and he can concur with some of these bad side effects including: Respitory/ cardiac supression as well as increased heart while intoxicated by jwh. He cannot comment on the manic-depressive(opposite of hyperactivity in dullness) because he has always been like this, and controlled breathing.

      In his opinion Humans need to change their governments entire insight on more than just drug regulation and without change their will be no intellectual progression.
      What I mean by this and a good example is if we had taken such an intellectual look at nicotine in this time period, unlike we did when we first discovered any substance that alters your perception, there is no doubt it would not be permitted. We can’t look at these things with just logic, and maybe not even morals. We need to look at it thorugh our ever changing culture and human nature of these substances.

      The world we are living in has trapped itself, it’s no longer about improving human nature intellectually, making advances that don’t directly increase your fininacial wellness is a subject that many common people do not understand.

    • m.bob says:

      All the side effects are true. Increased heart rate, hallucinations. I felt as if I was dying. I had an outer body experience. I vomited, as well as two of my other friends. DO NOT USE JWH. Please, you will regret it.

    • Bianca says:

      Similar to any drug, be it legal or illegal, street or prescription, there will be side effects. How many times has anyone taken an antibiotic and had side effects like nausea, vomiting, headaches, vertigo, or fatigue? & that was prescribed be a so-called medical professional! In addition, I could say that i’ve had the same side effects from eating chinese food at one time or another, as i’m sure others have had as well… & the chinese food business still seems to be booming.

      My point is that regardless of what it is, you need to understand that there is a good possibility of side effects from whatever you decide to ingest. So, if it’s your first time doing something you don’t know too much about, you should probably quit after you’ve done a little to see how it may start to effect your body, as all substances effect people differently.

      “JWH” does not take long to start taking effect. When i first tried it, i started feeling effects after my first puff, so i only had 2 or 3 and i was fine. I noticed that i felt giggly and somewhat euphoric, but had increased heart rate, labored respiratory functions, drowsiness, bloodshot eyes, dry mouth and mild paranoia… and i didn’t keep puffing my face off when i began to feel these effects! (duh!?) Similar to drinking, once you feel drunk it’s not really a good idea to keep going… you get the spins, lose coordination and balance, cant talk and possibly vomit (sometimes more than just once and on occasion, in an extremely inconvenient time/place), plus hangovers are the worst. So, i don’t want to hear it about a bad experience. You should have done your homework, realized what may possibly happen if you do decide to do it, and then test it out before going balls-to-the-wall with it. i’ve never done acid and i wouldn’t do 10 hits my first time should i decide to ever do it.

      Dear “Dave”, 3 weeks? i’m not so sure of that…. it sounds like you’re trying to mask your body’s detoxification process of other things (like heroin?) with this exaggerated explanation of your “side effects”. i recommend plentiful amounts of water to counteract your 3 weeks of muscle cramps and spasms. and if worse goes to worst, seek medical help and maybe a psychiatric evaluation for your hallucinations and vivid dreams. i’m sure your doctors would love to hear (and laugh) about your single JWH drug experience that lasted 3 weeks. good luck with that.

      do yourself a favor and research this stuff, people!! knowledge won’t hurt you, but if you’re inexperienced or trying stuff with inexperienced people, that definitely will!

    • Mike says:

      I sure hope the government steps up and makes this stuff illegal soon. It hurt my brother and we need more people to pick up trash along the road. Anyone who decides to risk dangers like rapid breathing and euphoria should be punished.

    • Xan says:

      I myself have been smoking herbel blends that contain jwh-018 for a while now. You can buy different blends, some are stronger than others, you just have to ask the people that work in the head shop. I’ve never smoked pure 018 and I never will, that stuff is way too potent. I’ve read online about people smoking 1 gram of pure jwh-018 their first time and it blows my mind that somebody would do that the first time they tried a drug. If I smoked q gram of even the cheapest herbal blend ( containing the lowest amount of 018) it would mess me up terribly, and I’ve been smoking it consistantly for a few months now. Pure 018 shouldn’t be available to consumers. If this drug is used responsibly people will have nothing but good effects from it. The bottom line is that this stuff shouldn’t be banned because people are too irresponsable to learn the side effects of a drug before using it in high doses.

    • Gash says:

      I’m 18 and have been a heavy habitual user of Cannabis for 4 years. I started smoking the blends, 6 months ago? I OD’d once on a blend, and puked my brains out. The puking that JWH causes is different, not nausea, but rather the purging of your intestines. You’ll puke your stomach up, THEN you’ll puke your upper GI up! I saw my friend puke old food, I’m not the only one.

      I ordered the pure stuff, a few weeks ago? First time, OD. No puking, just put a cool rag on myself, laid on the floor, and closed my eyes for some closed eyed visuals. Since then, my tolerance has increased, as has my ability to accept a canninaboid high, and OD’s are easily avoidable, smoking small eye-balled doses.

      I’m currently experiencing withdrawals, this morning, due to a lack of lighter. Anxiety, loose stool, and that’s pretty much it. Had a fleeting anxiety build up (not an attack) when it occurred to me that I couldn’t sedate myself at that very moment, but I laid down and watched some TV and it quickly passed.

      I respond well to JWH, as do many people I know. However, when my girlfriend overdoses, it is SCARY. Blood stops flowing, her face turns pale, lips blue, passing out. I’ll keep slapping her and waking her up, and this process lasts a few hours. It should be noted that she has an enlarged heart.

      As far as side effects go, I’ve noticed a numbing of certain nerves, and my big right toe has a numb spot on it right now. I also once had my foot contract and had to uncurl it. Though this could be caused by anything, these symptoms have only occurred since smoking JWH.

    • JoeDeuce says:

      I tried this stuff the other day and found out you can OD on it. I probably got about 2 or 3 monster hits, i’ve smoked pot for awhile so i know how ot take extremely good hits that’ll get a stoning vet high, and 30 minutes later i break down in a panic attack and start convulsing. I don’t remember much except that i felt like i had alcohol poisoning and i couldnt focus on anything. Even now i still feel like crap. So if you’re gonna smoke this stuff just becareful, tak it 1 hit at a time and wait a few minutes to feel the effects before saying you’re gonna take another hit

    • kevin says:

      This stuff should be used carefully. I think I od on it once. Increased heart rate with chest pains. Labored breathing, like as if it was relaxing all muscles of the body. Felt like I was dying. Really scared, had to relax and concentrate on breathing. Seemed to last forever, extreme anxiety. Killer body buzz though. Was able to crack parts of my lower back that chriopracter could not get. I have been using for three weeks, three times a day. Health effects are chest pains elavated heart rate, labor breathing when doing to much, paranoia do to concerns of chest pains. Last three days I have had a migrane, but don’t know if related. I do enjoy the high. U cant even get close to the high you get from this shit from smoking even the best bud in world. But you got to be careful on how much you do because when you get to that point you dont know if you are coming or going. Like being super high and tweeking at the same time but you cant control it. Took alot of medatation and relaxing to control it. I smoked it out of an oil pipe(bubbler) and noticed that it required alot of heat to burn. It melts into a brown oilly liquid before vaporizing. I think some of the vapor is invisible because I have gotten real high off of little or no smoke so be careful and dont get fooled. Started using a torch lighter and burns alot better. Does anybody else out there have had chest pains from smokng pure jwh-018?

    • Jim says:

      I’m 46 and have been smoking pot for 33 years quite consistently. I’ve been smoking K2 Summit for the last week and have experienced chest pain after about the 2nd day. More intense right after I smoke it. Needless to say, I stopped smoking it. It kind of feels like heart burn or aching lungs. I’m not out of breathe or anything like that.

      I knew this stuff was too good to be true. Great high though.

    • jaymarie says:

      My boyfriend took some JWH 018 last night. It was a horrible experience even for me, and I had taken none. He was telling me he needed help. That he was TRIPPING out. I said it was going to be okay and he said he wasn’t going to be. He wouldn’t look at me. He couldn’t talk and he only took 3 hits. After his “trip”, he told me he had horrible hallucinations and he felt like his tongue was swollen. He told me everything was popping out at him and he thought he was going to die. He said he started to seizure while at his friends house, where he had me pick him up and he left his truck there because it was that bad. He’s done his share of drugs in the past and NEVER gotten like this. this is a very dangerous drug, so if you do it, just be careful and know your limit.

    • We can’t look at these things with just logic, and maybe not even morals. We need to look at it thorugh our ever changing culture and human nature of these substances.
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    • Connie83 says:

      Most of my friends, myself included, first resisted jwh-018 because of the lack of any scientific data on side effects and long-term implications. However, if THC improves the quality of your life (or for whatever reason you smoke hash or pot), W (as my friends call it) is significantly cheaper. And it’s still legal in many places. Undoubtedly, it will eventually become a controlled substance in the U.S. on a federal level. If you live in a state or country that hasn’t yet regulated it and are considering trying it, this article is providing a very accurate description of what you can expect. I recommend you re-read it carefully. From my experience, all the “bad highs” and incidents of physical discomfort are only the result of overdosing. It’s crucial not to exceed the commonly “recommended” dosage. To avoid any unpleasant experience, use a digital scale. Read articles on the recommended dose and use the lowest amount. Taken in excess, W is addictive. Proceed with caution.

    • er0 says:

      Smoked WAYYY too much pure JWH-018 out of a bowl mixed with tabacco. I thought my friend was dying, he puked all over the car, he was crying he did not know what was happening. I had trouble breathing, my heart was beating too fast and i almost pissed myself. It was a terrible experienced that lasted for about an hour. Motor skills were down, i couldn’t talk, i was seeing things (faces moving oddily, trees blending in wit eachother, shit moving around) and i was extremly paranoid. I DO NO RECOMMEND IT!!! They need to make it illegal, this felt worse than any other synthetic drug Ive ever tried!!

    • naught4naut says:

      I’ve tried pure JWH-018 on an almost daily basis for the past week. I started off very careful and with very light doses. When I would have too little, I would get a very slight head buzz and headache. When I ramped up the dosage I would get a reasonable “high” like with fairly strong cannabis. As I got used to the stuff, I decided to go a bit heavy with my dosage and got really, really high.

      Fortunately, I knew the side effects could include increased heart rate (I went up to almost 120bpm) and anxiety. During the whole affair, which lasted about an hour, I was in control and fared quite well. I did not hallucinate, did not get nauseous, and did not lose control of my thoughts or actions. If I dwelled on negative feelings, they would get worse. On the other hand focusing on tv or music made things go well. The key was to maintain control and be confident in the knowledge that what you feel is a known side effect from over dosing.

      My conclusion is that this substance should not be used by novices and should be used with extreme caution even if you are a complete druggie. A tiny bit will go a long way and you have to be very careful with your dosages. I wish more research were put into the substance because I am very concerned about long-term effects.

      Also, I have had some minor chest discomfort after using this. For me, it is a mild tightness in the chest – or feeling of being short of breath. This comes and goes and reminds me of when I used to have mild anxiety attacks during a difficult period in my past.

    • Tina says:

      I never smoked it straight. I got herbs laced with it at the local head shop. It was surprisingly just like smoking weed. Munchies and everything. I’ve been doing it a couple months now.

      I have never OD’d, but I have also never smoked more than one bowl at a time.

      I do think I may be noticing some addictive properties that are different/ or more intense that weed. I feel the urge to do it, and I want a cigarette real bad although I haven’t had one and kicked the habit 6 months ago, so it may actually be the JWH doing it…?

      I also notice that it seems to make me clench my jaw, which weed doesn’t.

      I want to just smoke weed. I have smoked it for years and am an honor student in college, but in order to get a job and support myself I’m going to have to hand over my bodily fluids to another human being and let them make sure I didn’t choose to smoke in the privacy of my own home, on my own time.

      In other words… I’d rather smoke weed but it shows up in a test, and this stuff doesn’t.

    • Anonymous says:

      If we would legalize and regulate THC then people wouldn’t have to come up with and smoke chemicals that have unknown side effects.

      Or, if they don’t want to legalize THC, then they could at least put some money into real clinical research.
      Plus, alcohol overdose symptoms are much worse than a short trip- you lose motor and memory skills.. that’s truly scary.

    • Nonamerequired says:

      This is one of the better sites I’ve seen for information regarding JWH-018.

      I bought some “Black Magic Smoke” a couple days ago and tried it out. I took 3 good solid hits through a small bubbler, about the same i would if smoking weed. The experience was like a very intense THC high, and after a couple hours i lay in bed half asleep for a couple hours, utterly exhausted, until it went away. I tried some again the following day, carefully only taking one small hit. I went to the zoo and felt great. The high felt artificial to me, however, much like the difference I’ve noticed between acid and mushrooms.
      When i got home i smoked another bowlful and watched a movie. That night i was trying to read a book and felt an utter lack of interest. Much different to how i would feel after smoking weed. I also had more trouble than usual falling asleep. Today I’ve felt emotionally detached and sluggish of thought. I do not feel this way after smoking weed. I pondered all day as to weather i should just throw the rest away.

      I agree with just about every post here. This is a cheap manufactured substitute to the real thing. It’s like comparing a big mac to an organic, grass-fed hamburger, the big mac may be cheap and taste awesome, but is nowhere as fulfilling, dangerous to your health, and will leave you with odd, unknown side effects, including a stronger propensity for psychological addiction.
      In my opinion this product is not worth the unanswered questions. So until weed is legalized, which i’m sure it eventually will be, I guess i’ll keep being a criminal.

      If you do choose use this, please take my advice and the advice of many others here and only use a small dose. It’s all you need. At least with black magic smoke.

    • eddie says:

      im a k2 smoker i have a body that takes the high with pleasure i do not freak out i do not get freaked out but they are right take in small doses. that is the most important rule. for me i could smoke 3 bowls to my dome and just get really high and just pass out i dont od off it. for u that have bad experiences dont smoke it. for the rest of us that have smoked and been fine let us enjoy our high i dont want it banned cause some of u have a bad trip and start makeing up shit the side effects are real but their relaxeing

    • Some 19 Year Old says:

      I’m more on the fence about this.

      I started smoking the blends around February, but not very consistently at all. I had no problems with it up until I went away to college in August.
      There were a lot of headshops around and it was just extremely easy to obtain. I went from smoking 2 grams in 2 weeks at the beginning of school to smoking 2 grams in 2 days (not pure but a blend.) Mostly because of my high tolerance now.
      I have no desire to get the pure stuff, as I think it’s too dangerous for me, and I really don’t want to smoke anything that looks like crack. It just isn’t pleasing to look at.

      Since I started smoking daily, I have noticed – night sweats, diarrhea, nausea especially in the morning, i’ve randomly dry heaved twice this week which is strange for me, I’ve also been having a lot more headaches. I could be coming down with a cold, but just the fact that my symptoms match that of others is what has me concerned.
      I also started having a congested cough about 2 months ago. When I look at it in the napkin, the stuff is like a brownish-tanish-greyish color, not the usual yellow/green/clear color.

      I’ve experienced only one panic attack while intoxicated by JWH. It wasn’t really that bad for me because I knew what was going on and I put my friend (who was also ODing) and I in a good place and we wound up laughing, all the while we were panicking too.
      My friend swore he would never smoke the stuff again. Surely enough, the next morning, he was lighting up a bowl with me (no pressure from me).

      From all the other experiences I’ve read, I think this stuff has strong potential for abuse. Does JWH-018 have withdrawal symptoms that chronic use of pot doesn’t? I’m not sure, but I do think that JWH-018 can turn a small time occasional pot smoker, to a full blown daily JWH user.

      I’ve previously been able to lower my tolerance by smoking a small bit, once or twice a day for just a few days. Getting your tolerance back to baseline is extremely quick with this stuff.

      Currently I’m trying to ween myself off by dramatically cutting down the amount I smoke. The main reason why I keep doing it I feel is because it’s become a habit, something I do out of boredom, so the worse withdrawal for me personally is chronic boredom.

      Anyway, the point of my post is that I think this stuff should stay legal as MJ should be, but there should be much more research done on this.
      I truly believe an individual would be perfectly fine if they smoked just Friday and Saturday nights for years, but the problem about JWH-018 is you always want more. theres always the urge to have some, or to redose. So regulating it is difficult, at least for me it was.
      The only reason why I did it before college is because I had to order it, which took anywhere between 2-5 days.

      I love JWH and I love weed but I love weed more because it’s not as easy to lose control as it is with JWH.
      It’s sad for me to admit that I’m glad that my state is banning it this upcoming year because that will be my time to finally officially quit and detox and go back to weed.

      My friends and I were planning on ordering about 50g between the three of us, right before the ban, but honestly, I’m so sick of this. I’ve blown and wasted so much of my money, I’m ready to be done.
      I want to add though that I don’t for one second regret starting to smoke this stuff, I’ve had awesome times on it and enjoyed it greatly, unfortunately the party always has to end, and if you don’t have the discipline and ability to stop yourself from doing it, the next best thing is the ban.

      ..Just some 19 year olds .02 cents…

    • leinaD says:

      I have been a heavy cannabis user for the majority of my life, and like others on this forum I am forced to take drugs tests. For this reason,about six months ago, I started smoking K2 and other products like it. The use of these herbal blends containing JWH 018 never showed any bad side effects upon smoking. It pretty much acted just like pot except the high didnt last as long. Recently upon discovering the active ingredient in K2 i decided to order some of the pure chemical. Upon receiving my order i immediately attempted to vaporized a good quantity off of aluminum foil. Each time I hit it i never blew out smoke so i continued to smoke it. After about ten hits the effects started kicking in. It totally freaked me out how high it got me. I experienced increased heart rate, dizziness, nausea, mild hallucinations, and an inability to move. The major effects wore off after about an hour but i still felt crappy the whole next day. After that experience i have been extremely careful with the amounts taken. I have found that as long as the user stays in the range of 5-20 mg the bad effects wont kick in. Also i would not recommend vaporizing this substance. Its too easy to take to much this way. I have been dissolving the substance in acetone, saturating an herbal mixture with the solution, and allowing the acetone to evaporate. This method produces an herbal mixture that smokes like the headshop products, and it makes the problem of overdosing almost non existent. that is unless like 6-7 bowls are smoked at once….

      Anyway this chemical is extremely potent and extreme care should be exercised when using it. Other than that i think its effects are remarkable and have completely weened me from my marijuana use. I plan top stock up on this stuff before a ban goes into effect.

    • Ben says:

      All i have to say is that I tried “Mr.Nice Guy” the other day and smoked a about a half gram blunt. I WAS SO HIGH. no bad effects though just felt like a chromic blunt. The next day i decided to up the dosage with my neighbor. We filled up a whole blunt with one full gram mixing both mango and strawberry Nice Guy flavors. I had a crazy OD! total numbness in my arms, they were moving by the thoughts of my mind! mild hallucinations but once i slept for about an hour i woke up to being fine and ready to smoke more. In all honesty. This stuff is great if you use it in the reccomended dosages like all others have reported above. Even 3 bowls is too much of this stuff. I will still use JWH-018 but only in extremely small doses ranging from 5-20mg. one bowl pack is quite plenty. this drug isint meant to be abused and even though we can sit here and show recommended dosages and all that, people will still need to OD themselves before they think, act, and ingest any substance in a responsible manner. If you go out and get hammered off some vodka and in the morning you puke your brains out, it doesnt mean you wont drink vodka again, it just means that you will definatly be 10x more cautious and responsible the next time you consume vodka. JWH is a nice relaxing drug. Just use it in the recommended dosages and realize these stories are TRUE FROM PEOPLE LIKE ME AND YOU!

    • Chach says:

      I have read through a few sights now, with people discussing the same topic. And the most ridiculous I have read, were preaches from people who’s friends or family member smoked an incense that had a synthetic form of thc in it, and had adverse effects. Without any understanding of the other items, like many diverse plants, flowers, leaves, etc., that are also in these incenses. These plants may be causing and allergic reaction. The funny thing about a lot of allergies, is they may not show effects if touched or eaten, but in the lining of their lungs it might. Banning something does in no way, change the fact that educating people on these things when first found out, can give people the ability to understand what risks they may be involving themselves in. And in this great country of ours, we still have rights. And those rights also include many freedoms. The more we let our rights be taken away to protect ourselves from ourselves, the further it will resemble a communistic society. Retain your identity and think for yourselves.

    • smokey mcpot says:

      i smoke this stuff all the time never pure i lace my own composition. Side effects are noteable especially the increased heart rate. i never thought i was going to die i have no idea what these people are talking about…the heart rate increase is apparent and instantainious. it never made me hallucinate or cry like some people say i have no idea what they were smoking.the high is not as good as weed, but i have a great job and wouldnt jeapordize it just to get high. my tollerance went up fast and i have trouble sleeping sometimes. At first it made me tired now i have issues falling asleep. my weight stayed the same my eyes dont turn red i have a healthy yet not excessive appetite and i dont have to worry about getting arrested again. if you are a pussy hypochondriac who freaks out every time they have an owie then i wouldnt reccomend this product.

    • anonymous says:

      Be very very careful with this stuff. I had a brand called 4 20 and after one puff, that’s puff not bowl, I was sky f**king high within 30 secs. The high was absolutely incredible with some music and movies. One of the best highs I have ever had and without the harsh coughing or spitting up mucus I get when smoking weed. However after 4 days I experienced adverse symptoms. I would take the spitting and momentary coughing I get with the 100% natural god’s gift called mary jane any day. I smoked only 2 bowls(big mistake) of the potent 4 20 and I had a weird feeling in my left arm that is still there (although not as intense) and I have not smoked for 2 days. My blood pressure and my heart rate sky rocketed. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. My vision became very distorted and my eyes teared up to the point that I thought I was going blind. When I closed my eyes I experienced incredible colorful hallucinations with the sounds of Bob Marley playing in the background but I also felt paralized. I felt weird muscle spasms on primarily the left side of my body and also minor paralysis in parts of my face. I seriously thought I was done. I have felt stoned before with weed but never any weird sensations on the left side of my body and I never felt like my life was in danger. I prefer the incredible mellow high of mary jane. It really pisses me off that the government will not legalize a natural herb that has no permanent adverse side effects other than the harm done by smoking(this could be avoided with a vaporizer) and they continue to allow alcohol and tobacco companies as well as over the counter drugs that destroys millions of lives every year to thrive. I have never heard of medicinal cigarettes or alcohol but there is medicinal marijuana!!! A college student had to develop a potentially harmful substitute just to legally replicate the high of mary jane. This is ridiculous!! Now myself and millions of others have exposed ourselves to the some chemical with possible long term damage just to enjoy the relaxing effects of something that is done in the privacy of our own homes. Legalize Marijuana!!! Just make it available to people over 21 just like with cigarettes and alcohol! The majority of us adults are responsible enough to make the right choices. I smoked weed throughout college. My grades improved after I started smoking!! It improved my concentration during study sessions and helped me to eliminate test anxiety. It’s all business related. As soon as the government discovers how to make billions off of marijuana then they will legalize it. Until then I will look for some other natural way to reduce stress and enjoy myself when i’m not slaving for a job. I’m done taking risks with this jwh though…

    • Mike 20's Male says:

      I have read thru all the other comments on here and I agree with most of them. I have been smoking JWH Blends including JWH 018. I actually was a pretty big fan of it in the beginning. I even made my own brand name (Bliss Premium Herbal Incense). I used pure alcohol to break it down (feeling it would be safer than acetone). I then Sprayed it on herbs and used a water bong, pipe, or rolling papers to smoke it.

      One thing I would like to say before I give all my experiences is that I am a pretty typical guy in his early 20s. I first smoked it when I went to my best friend’s house.
      I have now been using JWH or Jwh Blends for over 8 months and have seen every side effect named in here personally numerous times. Me and my wife first started doing it by getting sucked in to thinking it was harmless (because it was legal and sold in a store). Like I have read above I was careless and ignorant and regret those decisions dearly. At first all I felt was a very happy high, laughing constantly over nothing, and food tasted 100 times better. Food was better, music and tv was more enjoyable. I felt more stamina during sex (Though one of the negative side effects was it became harder to achieve an erection). I was always able to get an erection and have NEVER EVER IN A MILLLION YEARS had that problem ever before. I would say though that alcohol does give me similiar effects but not as bad.
      Now for all the bad stuff………… It started just as a weekend thing and snuck up on us like I would imagine herion would. I live in a house with four adults including myself and all four of us are addicted. I couldnt tell you that all four of us would admit it, but my wife and I definiently would. I have OD four or five times with three of them being some of the worst days/nights of my life. I had an extremely rapid heartbeat (though I had been laying in bed for hours without moving. My wife was freaking out when she felt my chest and said that it was (beating out of my chest). I cried and held her and told her I did not want to die. It was very scary. It is way more dangerous when trying to smoke pure Jwh018 than it would be if you bought legit herbs from a head shop. But honestly I know as much about these chemicals (8 months later and a shitload of research on forums and personal experiences from four adults) than I ever have and I would say JWH018 and probably every other synthetic cannabanoid is highly addictive. I have tried every Jwh with the exception of the new ones that have come out recently and I feel they all have the same side effects (negative) with the only difference being the strength and length the high lasts. I know I jump around but if you bare with me I will try to put all the negative side effects eventually (if I dont run out of room). Me and my wife have been trying to quit and my wife has had the hardest time. She is an ex Pot smoker of 4 years and immediately was sucked in thinking its legal and does not show up in standard drug testing. She felt it had the same effects (Munchies, Happiness, relaxing). What she didnt know is that it had so many negative side effects.

      Here is my wifes experience with JWH 018. Obviously like I said we both started smoking at the same time. The positive effects were all the same. Negative effects were similiar to food poisioning (thats what the ER staff said after tests of course we never told them we had ever smoked jwh blends because of the embarassment). She had loss of appetite with projectile vomiting, extreme bouts of severe and debilitating anxiety that she commonly refers to as like a dark cloud has come over her. Also, chest pain, agitation, mood swings, ETC. I just typed all that for her and she is still steadily naming negatives.

      I dont have all day to give all my stories and reasons but I can promise you that this is nothing like weed. I have tried JWH 250, 200, and 112 recently amongst the other ones I have tried in products like K2, Spice, Spicy Green, Mr. Nice guy, serenity now, space purple, Lux, Diablo, Blue dream, crazy bananas, bob marley insence, space cadet(flight risk), Blu Ray, and a bunch of other ones that people like you and I make. IF the person that made the batch that you are smoking used UNPURE acetone there could be serious side effects even more serious then what I have named. Google inhalation of unpure acetone or consumption of unpure acetone. You dissolve the Acetone but if its unpure you leave behind dangerous chemicals. Basically what I am saying is you can not trust your local headshop or corner store because anyone can buy acetone, baggies, labels, herbs and make there own batch.

      I have only smoked weed a handful of times probably more because I grew up in a strict family. I was always told drugs were bad growing up and so I always avoided temptation or peer pressure. Of course that was until I turned 18, tried weed , researched it, and am now an advocate. Do people actually believe all the BS that people say about marijuana? Sorry I am getting off subject but obviously more people need to stand up and say something about legalizing weed. Illegalize cigarettes its gotta be the most addictive thing (besides some very hard drugs that I would never try).

    • KrisB says:

      It’s true, this stuff is definitely not your mom’s dime bag of middies. I often compare smoking a hit of jwh-018 to smoking a really fat bowl of dank to myself. It gives the most ridiculous body high in my opinion. I personally have never experienced any so called “dangerous effects” but I have witnessed one person totally freak out. He just couldn’t hold his head up because it relaxed his muscles to the point where he could barely move. Once he came down a little bit, he went to the bathroom and vomited for a solid half hour.

    • Jamie says:

      I have smoked jwh-18 on numerous occasions…when used correctly, I personally have never experienced any negative physical or mental effects from the drug. However, on numerous occasions I’ve seen people smoke too much and black out, with their eyes open, they lose all body function, and they have little to no memory of what happened while they blacked out, it normally lasted 10-15 minutes, rarely longer.

    • adrian says:

      I have smoked to j.w.h for about a year I smoked about 2 to 3 times a day I reply didn’t feel any bad effects to it . But about a month ago my good friend smoked some and that .night we was almost died they rush him to the ER because he stoped breathing .it cuts his breathing down to 3 breath a min.he was very lucky cuz the next morning he had woke up but after that day I have stopped.

    • Roger says:

      So I tried it a few times, and it was just like getting really high, but the last time I tried it I apparently smoked way too much. The first 5 minutes was fine, but then I started laughing uncontrollably and a few moments after that i fell back on my friends bed and started to become pale. I couldn’t move for the life of me. It was even hard for me to speak, it felt like I was almost in a coma. Then after maybe an hr maybe less, I don’t know my time was too warped, I started to puke for a good long time and it was the most puke I have ever seen. My friends gf who is a nurse said my puke smelled worse than any other patients she has ever smelled. It took about two hours before I could move slightly, then I layed on the ground for a while and tried my best to eat something, but that was too difficult. Then the next day my stomach still felt horrible. Out of all my drug experiences, that was the worst!! Never again! Be careful with that stuff!

    • Thatoneguy says:

      Ill make this short because I’m new to JWH and just want to post my experience. Been a pothead for many years. Had to quit due to legal reasons. Found JWH powder online and ordered. Been smoking it 4-5 times daily not measuring doses… not really worrying. Then last night happened. I smoked 2 bowls with a good amount of JWH on them and didn’t feel much. I thought that was weird because the effects usually came on faster and stronger than pot. So I loaded up another bowl of nasty leaves and sprinkled some stuff on it. After that bowl I was blowed, Thought it was cool because I didn’t know cannabinoids could be so powerful. Then the horrible chest pain started. I thought I was having a heart attack for 2 hours and even had a really hard time breathing. It always makes my breathing feel funny but this was serious. I just want to put this experience out there to tell others to be careful. The dose was probably between 100-150mgs. After this I found you’re not supposed to do that much lol. But yeah, just be careful and keep in moderation.

    • dina says:

      I used K-2 for about a year and a half, before it was scheduled to become illegal in my state. My experience with K-2 was at first just fine, as I never smoked the pure chemical, but an infusion into damania leaf. The effects seemed to be the same at first, but with daily use I noticed a remarkable difference between cannabis and K-2. I found K-2 gave me energy, with no crash like I would get with cannabis. The euphoric experience was more intense, and it was like being in a dream-like state with vivid bright emotions, in other words, a heightened awareness that I did not experience with cannabis. With prolonged, regular, RESPONSIBLE use, I experienced dramatic changes in my moods, behavior, when I was NOT using K-2. Cannabis never did that to me. I started experiencing a daily sense of anxiety, and started getting stomach cramps every day. I had no appetite, and sleep was difficult. I dropped weight, and eventually became so run down I quit. After I quit, I felt worse. My immune system was gone, and I ended up in the hospital with a bacterial infection in my colon. My instincts told me it was related to my K-2 use, but of course I have no proof of that. I picked K-2 up AGAIN a month later, and it was the worst decision I ever made. I continued on for another 6 months, and my moods got increasingly worse. I became so irritable, I was impossible to live with. It almost costed me my marriage. I thought that perhaps it was just me, until I started talking to other people using it as well. Their opinions and symptoms were the same as mine, that K-2 was indeed very different and more harmful to them after prolonged use.

      I began researching the little information out there, and found some facts on the chemical’s behavior in the brain. It shuts down the part in your brain that regulates insulin, which explains my lack of appetite, stomach cramps, and low blood pressure. (I often would feel like I was passing out when I would stand up, or reaching high for something) This is just ONE important bit of info I found, I am sure we will be hearing more as more studies become available in the future.

      The important thing to consider about this drug is no one knows how this drug reacts combined with other medications and substances. One of my friends almost died combining K-2 with another recreational drug. We have both overdosed on K-2 at least once, and it is a very scary and horrible experience. What I want to stress is that THIS DRUG MAY FEEL THE SAME AS CANNABIS, BUT IT IS NOT. This is a toxic chemical, and there is no getting around it.

      This is coming from a lady who has never used any other recreational drugs other than cannabis. I was a very light smoker, and would only have 2 one-hits a night. With prolonged use of K-2, I eventually used it all night, and felt terrible if I wasn’t using it. I began to use during the day just to feel better, and I knew I had a problem. I finally quit, and experienced withdrawls the same as others describe here. My body was in so much pain, my stomach in knots, and I was feinding BAD. I felt like a total drug addict, and it was pretty clear to me at that moment that I was.

      I know we all want to enjoy the cannabis high while staying legal, but I recommend throwing any JWH chemical away! It seems so benign, but it is an illusion. This is a potent chemical, a chemical we would refuse if we knew more of what it does to people. I hope my experience will help influence future or current users to abstain from this drug.

    • Jake F. says:

      JWH is not nearly as bad as people have described it.

      Especially the kid that said he dosed 100mg+. I mean seriously, that’s enough powder to fill an entire cigarette. If you smoked that much, you would probably skitz out and cease. In mg to g retrospect, if you smoked over 2 ounces of marijuana in one sitting, you would probably suffocate and/or pass out due to inability to breathe.
      It’s all about common sense, lack of the common idiocy displayed by replies above, and proper education on how to dose. The powder is pure, you need roughly 12 granules of salt in comparison, which is about 1/4th a pinch between your fingers.

      I have used it safely many times, and can vouch for those who do the same, that jwh is fantastic, and when used [properly] in moderation, there are NO significant downsides.

      Anyone that uses this will know when they have had too much. The fact that, in it’s purest form, it is nearly impossible to dose properly without a mg scale, means at least 90% of users will experience a small to severe overdose. The same trick when on marijuana works here – wait it out, and remind yourself that you are fine. Try and find humor in it, and you suddenly find yourself overcome with joy – thus realizing you are just high. In case you overdose too much and experience the heavy heart beat (through chest feeling) or the vortex (feels like being sucked into space) feeling, simply use this technique: Take a lighter, light it, and place your hand on the flame. I generally move it around on the palm of my hand, to keep from burning myself, but will in some cases inflict a mild burn. The reason is because, just as with marijuana, you can CONTROL your high. By triggering your pain sensors you subconsciously AND consciously remind yourself that you are just high – the feelings in your chest, or on your skin (commonly pins and needles) will migrate to your hand where the flame resides.
      It keeps your mind in check, and has worked countless times for me. Aside my vortex experience, which was simply an overdose caused by laziness. In this case I fell asleep, woke up to the feeling of being sucked through a vacuum (entire body felt this), and simply had to wait for this feelings to dissipate. It was a terrible experience, but I still use JWH without fear – merely a greater sense of respect.

      Put simply:
      Dose properly, maintain yourself by intelligent means, and treat it with respect. It is impossible to be disappointed by it, unless you deviate from said rules or are just plain stupid.

    • Bryce says:

      u know what i noticed? a majority of these comments on here say they did JWH (either in k2 or pure) the first time and felt great like a real high because THEY ONLY DID A LITTLE BIT. then these stories take a turn where they did bigger bowl or more bowls and they felt adverse side-effects and the “dying feeling”. the lesson here is if u do just a small amount you will get a great feeling high every time. if u abuse it u could potentially harm yourself and harm this drugs legal status!

    • Alexander says:

      I took 5 puffs of Mr Nice Guy (JWH-018) and I thought I was going to die for about 3 to 6 hours.

      My heart raced the whole time; I puked multiple times; I hallucinated … the toilet and sink changed shape, African voodoo priests and their zombies flashed before my eyes … they were acting exactly like I was; I could barely walk, speak, think for six hours; I thought I had suffered a stroke because it was taking so long to come down … I thought my inability to speak or form words was a stroke symptom. This morning I ache in my chest like my heart was over taxed last night. My thinking is still not right … I will give it another day or two to sort out before seeing a doctor.

      This stuff should not be for sale. It is not safe.

    • Jake F. says:

      Correction, as of today no one can experiment with this, because the DEA decided to control it with equivalence to Heroin. I’m pretty positive heroin is WAY MORE addictive, and WAY MORE destructive to your body. But what do I know, I’m just one of many cows eating the grass I’ve been given and keeping quiet. Fantastic.

      Not like I’ve spent weeks researching how it affects one’s brain at bluelight forums, with the guru’s debating gluons and naphthalene metabolism, and factual reports provided by anonymous entities on toxicity which came back clean, AND decided it was safe for MYSELF. I’ll just keep eating my grass and making milk for the government to drink like a good citizen.
      Wish the real grass was legal (wink wink).

    • dylanrk says:

      P.S no im not a big guy im 6foot 1 and only way 145 i get waisted after 2 beers and i hav the same tollerance with any kind of drug including energy drinks i get a huge buz off them so see im not even some junky that can take huge amounts of drugs and be fine but yet still iv gone threw 6 bags of some of the most potant incencse you can buy in one setting as an experimant to see how much a human with low tallerance can handle and sure i can safely say i was higher than i ever was in my life and i dont plan to do that much again cuz it will make you freak out and you may think your dieing wich i most certanly did think i was guna die but guess what im perfectly fine and so are all my friends that hav freaked out to, i repeat you will be completly convinced your guna overdose and die but your not take a deep breath and think if you wer guna die you would be awake and freaking out you would be uncouncious

    • Dstullz says:

      You know you can die from drinking water… O ya and oxygen is killing us slowly.. I think we should ban these as well.

      To each their own… I smoke cigarettes… yes cigarettes… they lower blood pressure cause every thing int he world… yet they are legal.. and theres no real benefit from smoking them…
      Hence e-cigging it up quit the real thing.

      I have been an avid smoker of marijuana for many years. I then moved away and lost my sources and found spice diamond. I used spice diamond, gold, artic synergy etc. etc. etc… Never once have I had any adverse side effects… I simply don’t overdo it. Now I smoked these for months and months.

      If you are bugging out after smoking it then maybe smoke less… Maybe your not used to the feeling and your bugging yourself out naturally essentially causing the affects yourself.

      The first time i smoked the jw’s I did 3 gravity bongs in a row… I can say it was pretty intense.. I spent about 10 minutes trying to get all the stuff I needed out of my pockets … lol

      After about 15 minutes the intense part was over and I had the affects of a normal high.
      I then thought to myself HEY maybe i should do 1 and not 3… Of course 1 was enough and I embraced the feeling… Breath slow meditate whatever you enjoy.. but you don’t sit in a room tripping out and freak yourself out… If that’s the case obviously it’s not for you.

      I have now been smoking it for over 2 months. I have never had an adverse affect other than a little heart increase but i simply make some tea… and start flashing words into my head to instantly spell. I have always had a photographic spelling ability even for words i’ve never used. I find that after smoking gi jane I can go on and on and on. They simply flash into my head.

      I know the chemical compound in spice diamond was hu-210 which was also a synthetic cannaboid that was proven to promote growth in the upper hippocamus. Increasing short term memory “in mice” haha.

      Also for these people commenting about thinking your dieing… I mean cmon.. You shouldn’t be using this.. AT NO POINT IN TIME IS THERE AN OUTER BODY EXPERIENCE OR DISCONNECT FROM WHAT YOU JUST DID.

      Your the same type of people that would be given a placebo and think your dieing..

      There are many things out there that are legal and have been proven to have adverse affects like “dieing”.

      Simple drugs that are out there for depression but the side affect is anal leakage??? Idk about you but If i had anal leakage id be pretty depressed.

      If your interested in doing it… it shouldn’t be your first time ever getting high. It is for sure an intense high and if you aren’t one that is able to harness and enjoy it then it’s not for you.

      After 2 months of smoking it I don’t get the “intense high” anymore. I simply smoke it and relax… my eyes aren’t bloodshot… My heart isn’t racing for more than 5 seconds.. after i ingest a whole bunch of smoke and hold it in til theres none left… ” O ya i wasn’t even breathing for the last 10 seconds” MAYBE THATS WHY.

      good luck…

    • Andrey says:

      Wow guys! I always thought I was just a spazz when it came to smoking “spike” or “spice” or any of the JWH pruducts. But now all of my “symptoms” make sence!

      But this is the only alternative for those who like getting high. If Marijiana would just be legalized…. well you get the point.

    • mariganja says:

      i would like to point out and at the same time question why substances such as this are legal while marijuana which has been proven to cause no long term side-effects that are harmful remains illegal. Is it honestly because the government can’t figure out how to make a profit off of it? They tax the shit out of us and make more money than necessary off of us. Legalize marijuana and stop worrying about people seizing or dying off of man made THC substitutes.

    • no koolaide says:

      These negative affects sound a lot like the awful dangers of pot. You might go into a com because it makes you sleepy, it might cause harm that they can’t prove is possible. The coma thing is just like the awful danger we learned from reefer madness about pot causing “violent uncontrollable laughter”. I once saw a tv show when was a kid, before i ever considered smoking anything, the show made me laugh for an hour hardly being able to breath, by the standards of the dea and whoever wrote the propaganda humour could have killed me by making me stop breathing. My bed when i was a kid was soft and made sleeping in it easier, the evil thing could have put me into a coma, right? Fishing makes me relax, it too could make me slip into a coma, and when i catch a big fish my heart beats faster, it could make me have a heart attack, right? No there were not any reported seizures or heart attacks, just moron kids who don’t deal well with new experiences. So they shouldn’t be allowed new experiences, lock them in a room with one color don’t let them see the sun moving feed them the exact same meal for the rest of his life, that’ll prevent the heart attacks they don’t have. I’ll never understand why people just hate letting other people do things they enjoy too much. I’ve taken tests baked i’ve played mind games with sober people while i was baked i took an I.Q test when i was baked care to know the difference between my baked I.Q and my normal I.Q? Baked 144 sober 142. That brain age crap game, 3 in the morning baked exhausted from helping a relative move all day my brain age was 30, lower than the vast majority of first tries by other people. The government didn’t want the public to hear about the results of a study on the impact weed makes on driving skills because they found people obey speed limis more while high and the actions taken are thought out more carefully. I do miss my rebellious party days. They’re over but i certainly didn’t throw them away. Baked i gave an oral book report on a book i never read and still never plan to read, i got an A, higher than the rest of the class that actually read the book, i said um twice, so no + just A.

    • j s says:

      This is the only drug I see no purpose in.I smoke weed,I eat mushrooms but jwh is nothing more then a dirty chemical thats going to kill someone.A friend and I smoked some diablo last night and after 1 hit my friend stood up and blzcked out.I myself went on a 30 min parinoid freak out.This is nastyy shit don’t smoke it.Stick to real weed

    • dude says:

      This shit is extremely dangerous and should be handled with the MOST care when smoking it. I hot boxed a bathroom and did roughly a bowl and a half it was the worst experience of my life i threw up over 30+ times and felt like i was dying. I also had extremely blurry vision and slurred speech.

    • Psyonic says:

      Like most substances at this level (recreational research chemicals) the main problem is not the substance but ignorant users. People fail to realize just how little the effective dose is. With chemicals in the synthetic cannabinoid family, the effective doses can range between 1mg and 5mgs: unless you have a very accurate scientific scale, there’s no way to safely “eyeball” a dose, so don’t even try. Just look at your standard tylenol capsule and then imagine trying to accurately divide that into 250 pieces and you’ll get an idea of just how small an effective JWH dose is.

      To quote “dude” in the comments: “I hot boxed a bathroom and did roughly a bowl and a half. It was the worst experience of my life i threw up over 30+ times and felt like i was dying.” This is a perfect example of irresponsible use. Why, when doing anything for the first time would you just go all out and hot box a room and smoke a bowl and a half to yourself all at once without knowing ANYTHING about the potency of the product you have other than its “Kinda like marijuana”? Sorry to call you out but, that’s just dumb and you kinda deserved the bad experience. Maybe you’ll learn to do some research before you jump head long into unknown territory again?

      But it’s foolish to blame the substances…it’s not like they are jumping down peoples throats on their own. My personal experience with ALL drugs is that 99% of negative experiences are the users own fault.

      Respect the chemicals, respect YOURSELF. At LEAST have the self respect to get educated before you dive in. Dumb-asses give drugs a bad name, LOL.

    • Ashley says:

      I’ve been smoking this stuff for a little over a year, every night, most mornings before work; one tub will almost last a week. Lately ever time I smoke it I feel like shit that I just smoked it and panic cause “all I do is smoke it and lay on the couch” so I super clean one room of the house really fast and go back to the couch. I don’t talk to anyone any more. My mind is always racing even when I’m not “high”. My job is suffering. I’m not able to keep things together. My bills have been in the hole for about 3 months. I spend 40-80 bucks a month on this stupid stuff. My household is a joke. I feel so alone. I am completely dependent on this stuff and I HATE MYSELF FOR IT! and I don’t know how to approach a Dr about it. I made my boyfriend get rid of it today. My house does not have any in it! Its only been about 12 hrs since I smoked. I wish I never smoked this stuff ever… DON’T EVEN DO IT ONCE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sam says:

      Ashley I just wanted to say I have gone through what you are going through. When I first started using jwh I thought it was just an easy substitute for weed. However it was so convenient that I started using it everyday. It effected my school and my work for the worse. I started hating myself more and more everytime I did it. I too felt very alone. It took awhile to get up the strength to quit. I tried to taper off slowly but I would sometimes even smoke multiple times a day for no reason at all even though I hated it. When I did finally start to quit I experiences withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, insomnia, and headaches that scared the hell out of me. Although it took awhile I did finally quit and it improved my life greatly. It seemed for awhile that I wouldn’t be able to fully stop using it but by getting rid of everything I had and telling my dealer not to sell me anymore I was able to stop. That was 2 years ago and I haven’t tried it since. Trust me you can do this. And once you do it is the best feeling. It felt like I had my life back. My schoolwork improved and I was able to think much clearer. Please let me know if you need any support as I am happy to help anyone going through what I did.

    • Gisko says:

      This is the shit, Had a bro who used to manufacture the Herbal inscence. Use to smoke bowls nd bowls of it mixed with tobacco. it would get me higher than i had ever been on weed before.


    • Powerface says:

      This drug is so dangerous. It took my son at 16 and didn’t let him go until he was almost 19. Watching him suffer with this addiction broke my heart. It took away al ambition from him, he dropped out of school, he did get his G.E.D and started college but dropped out in the first semester. He was smoking it so much he became physically dependent on it. He had to smoke it just to feel normal. He has detoxed under my watchful eye as well as our family doctor and is now in substance abuse counseling. His withdraw lasted about 3 weeks, he was vomiting, he couldn’t sleep, he had and still has racing thoughts. The big problem here is that most parents have no idea what it is until it is too late. God save you all from such a day. I feel like I have my son back, and for that I thank God!

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