• Banning JWH-018 in United States

    Banning JWH-018 is a hot topic for users, sellers and law enforcers in the US. Because of its speculated health risks, they are totally pursuing its banning for good. As of today, JWH018 is still legal under the federal law of United States. However, some State officials already took legal actions of banning JWH-018 and other herbal smoke ingredients in their respective jurisdictions.

    Arguments For and Against Banning JWH-018 in United States

    To make a sound judgment, it is indeed vital to fully weigh the pros & cons of banning a substance in the country. Since this is certainly a delicate issue, careful examination of the problem is of utmost importance. Here are a few arguments on banning JWH-018 in the US. Consider both sides and learn from different points of view. Being open-minded to gain a new perspective of things is good in asserting beliefs.

    Argument #1: JWH-018 is dangerous because it creates psychotropic effects when smoked, which can threaten the health of users.

    Rebuttal #1: It may have shown some undesirable effects but nobody died from it. In addition, there are no clinical studies to support these claims. It is also most likely that other ingredients combined with it may have caused the side effect. Also, if the dangers pose by a substance would be the only reason for banning; we should also include those chemicals found at home with potentials of abuse such as pain thinners and bathroom cleaners.

    Argument #2: No recognized medical use.

    Rebuttal #2: It cannot be medically applied yet since there are no studies to prove its health benefits. In fact, one of the reasons against banning JWH-018 is it would create a massive downturn to medical science. Banning it may pose difficulty to further studies and discoveries.

    Argument #3: It is branded as ‘synthetic marijuana’. Not controlling it would be entirely wrong. Also, it is already recognized by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administrations) as a drug and chemical of concern.

    Rebuttal #3: It is labeled as synthetic marijuana because it resembles cannabis-like effects. However, even the Federal Analog Act conditions do not seem to apply to JWH-018.

    Rebuttal #3.a: Regarding the federal law, the conditions are quite ambiguous so interpretations are subject to controversy. Since there is no presence of “or” / “and,” it cannot be conclusively decided that JWH-018 must meet all the expectations to become a controlled substance.

    Argument #4: There is no restriction on sale. Anybody can purchase it even minors or the underage. Those who are in favor of banning it believe it would put a stop to the epidemic spread of JWH-018 in the market.

    Rebuttal #4: Banning JWH-018 is too harsh without further investigation. Rather, restricting it to adults over 18 is a better option.

    Rebuttal #4.a: If restricting it for minors only, the drug would just become like a beer. Underage, minors or teenagers can always ask their adult friends to buy it for them.

    Argument #6: If banned, conviction of a person due to use of JWH-018 would be difficult. Drug does not show up in drug tests.

    Rebuttal #6: They can always develop a drug test that will detect JWH-018 in some ways. Banning it will hasten the creation of one.

    Until now, debates of banning JWH-018 in United States are still on discussion. Surprisingly, plenty of people are actually entirely against banning it. Mainly due to the future effects and problems that may arise. They anticipate that banning JWH-018 will create a black market. It will just eventually go underground. Some will just turn to the Internet to purchase. Well, this is likely to be true since that is what is happening to most banned substances today. Some even say, do not ban it but rather regulate it. That may be a better idea instead.

    synthetic drug banner

    Anyway, whether to ban or not, the main point is people lack sufficient information and understanding about JWH-018. It might actually be thoughtless to ban a substance without clear evidence of its effects, harmful or not. And why use a substance without knowing its potential adverse effects? So, do you still think banning JWH-018 is a better solution or not? It is totally up to you. Whether you are in favor of banning it or entirely against it, remember that being responsible towards your own actions and decisions is the most significant thing to do.

    This Article is written by Lena Butler, contributor of Test Country Articles.


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