• The Different Methods of Alcohol Testing

    Alcohol is one substance that is widely abused. Statistics show that alcoholism or alcohol abuse is linked with almost half of all industrial accidents and half of automobile fatalities in the United States. The law permits alcohol consumption, although only to a certain extent. Alcohol testing is performed at schools, workplaces and highways in order to ensure discipline and a safe environment.

    There are five tests commonly used for testing alcohol consumption: blood alcohol tests, saliva alcohol tests, Breathalyzer tests, hair alcohol tests and urine alcohol tests.

    1. Blood Test

    A blood alcohol test is an accurate method of alcohol testing, although it is an expensive and rather invasive method. A blood alcohol test measures the Blood Alcohol Content found in blood. Although the blood alcohol test cannot determine the period of time that a person has been drinking or the level of a person’s addiction to alcohol, this method of alcohol testing can determine whether or not the person stayed within the legal limit or was intoxicated.

    2. Saliva Test

    This method of alcohol testing effectively detects the presence of alcohol in a person’s saliva up to 10 to 24 hours after consumption. The saliva test is commonly used by organizations to test their employees since it is easy to perform, is non-intrusive and is relatively inexpensive. This testing method also provides quick results, which are almost always equal to the results that one would find with a blood test.

    3. Breathalyzer Test

    The Breathalyzer test measures the amount of alcohol found in a person’s breath in order to determine a person’s blood alcohol content. A Breathalyzer is a handheld device and is commonly used by law enforcement officers to maintain safety on the roads. The Breathalyzer is portable, convenient and provides results quickly.

    4. Hair Test

    The hair alcohol test is non-invasive and is an accurate method of detecting a person’s alcohol consumption. Hair testing is a relatively recent means of testing for alcohol consumption. Until 2008, the hair test was only used for testing drugs other than alcohol. Now, this kind of testing uses advanced scientific methods to go back several months in order to identify a person’s history of alcohol consumption.

    5. Urine Test

    Of all the different methods of alcohol testing, the alcohol urine test is the easiest and the most convenient. It is a reliable and inexpensive way of knowing whether or not a person has consumed alcohol. Alcohol can usually be detected in one’s urine 1.5 to 2 hours after consumption. Alcohol testing through a urine test can be effective up to 48 hours after one’s consumption.


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