• What Prescription Drugs Can Cause a Positive Drug Test Result for Barbiturates?

    Were you aware that your prescription drugs could give you a positive result for barbiturates? They can and if you are not aware that your prescriptions are legal barbiturates, you could find yourself dealing with an enormous mess when a positive drug test result comes back and you have no idea why it occurred. To evade this issue or have a better idea of why it might occur, it helps to understand what barbiturates do and how they come to be a part of prescription medications.

    Barbiturates Testing

    Barbiturates Testing

    Barbiturates, which are derivatives of barbituric acid depress the central nervous system and were used in hypnotic and anxiolytic drugs such as Seconal and Phenobarbital. Today most of these barbiturate drugs have been replaced with benzodiazepines to reduce the risk of lethal overdose and addiction that had become so common with barbiturate. However, barbiturates are still prescribed for those who suffer from seizures, headaches and other gastro-intestinal issues. Barbiturates are notorious for the physical as well as the psychological dependency symptoms that they elicit. Generally, it is the psychological dependence that leads into physical dependence on these drugs.

    The prescription barbiturates you are most likely to find being used are Secobarbital for insomnia and Phenobarbital, which is used for disorders that cause seizures. Some drugs for headache also contain caffeine, acetaminophen, Butalbital and Aspirin in various combinations. Donnatal Extendtabs (which are used for gastro-intestinal conditions  such as spastic colon and irritable bowel syndrome) contains Phenobarbital and Primodone (aka Mysoline), which metabolizes to Phenobarbital. All of these prescriptions will bring back a positive barbiturates test result.

    If you take any of these drugs, you should know that drug testing results that come back for their use can still pose a threat to the outcome of your testing experience. Even though the prescription medications above are legal, they are also known to impair the user’s ability to concentrate and can leave them impaired. This means that you may still be judged to be unable to complete the job that you were being tested for and could face losing that job. This is especially true of jobs where other lives could be put in danger, such as a driver of a large truck or a specialized vehicle like a forklift. If you do not have full control or aren’t able to concentrate enough to operate the machinery or keep a look out for dangers, that could a huge safety hazard.

    Decisions on how to handle this situation are different in different cases; it depends upon the employers, the testing lab and any other technicians or experts involved in your case. When you come under review for the drug test results, be sure to be clear about what drugs you take, what is the recommended dose and for conditions you take it for. If you have any of the documentation on the drugs you take and the conditions by which you’ve come to take them, it can make your use more clear. This will also prove helpful if presented before the drug test is conducted.


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