• What Prescription Drugs Can Cause a Positive Drug Test Result for Amphetamines?

    Have you ever had drug testing done? If so, you would know that just before the drug test, you will be asked if there are any prescription drugs you are taking at the moment. Why do they ask this when everybody knows that taking prescription drugs is perfectly legal? The problem is, while these drugs aren’t illegal and provide much needed medical assistance, they can sometimes give a false positive for certain illegal drugs when a drug test is done. You are asked about these drugs so they can the drug testing authority can rule out any false positive results that might be linked to that particular prescription drug. In this case we will be discussing prescriptions that can get a false positive for amphetamines.

    Amphetamine Tests

    Amphetamine Tests

    Several prescription drugs that are used to treat conditions such as fatigue, ADHD and narcolepsy, are a prescription version of amphetamines. In addition, there are also other drugs that are used as appetite suppressants that are amphetamines. This is because amphetamines stimulate the nervous system and are an effective way to treat inactivity, inactive metabolism and an inability to focus. You will generally know you are taking a drug that falls under the amphetamine classification if you have symptoms such as dizziness, blurred vision, restlessness and lightheadedness. Generally these drugs will have warnings about operating heavy machinery as concentration and attention to detail can be impaired by them.

    For ADHD sufferers (who while largely under the age of 19 are sometimes also adults), drugs such as Ritalin, Adderall, Dexedrene, Daytrana (a transdermal patch), Metadate, Focaline, Dextrostat, and Concerta are most commonly prescribed. These drugs allow those affected by hyperactivity to focus and pay attention to detail that they might otherwise miss with their condition. This is caused by increased levels of dopamine, which has a calming effect and norepinephren, which boosts the ability to focus. Medications that treat hyperactivity disorders such as ADHD are some of the most commonly used prescriptions of their type.

    Drugs that are used as appetite suppressors are also some of the most commonly used. Adipex, Desoxyn, Meridia, and Fastin are some of examples of this type of medication as are FenPhen, Pondimin, and Redux which while being banned for use on the U.S. are still widely available over the internet. These drugs increase the production of certain hormones in the body, which cause the user to feel fuller faster and interrupt the brains messages about hunger which can cause overeating. These hormones also increase the users desire to be active through increased heart rate and blood pressure helping weight to be burned off through activity while the user is also eating less.

    Narcolepsy is a neurological condition that causes the sufferer to deal with excessive levels of drowsiness during their waking hours, which can then lead to occasional uncontrollable periods of deep sleep. This condition can prevent the sufferer from driving, operating heavy machinery and other attention focused every day activities. Prescription stimulants help these patients to remain focused and cognizant. Drugs such as those mentioned above for ADHD and appetite suppression are also commonly used to treat narcolepsy.


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    • Bowdy Salter says:

      I don’t smoke weed but I took 3 Aleve before work and cold medicine’s and came up positive on my drug test

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