• 10 Things to Know about Drug Abuse in the Workplace

    1. Most Substance Abusers are Gainfully Employed: Statistics show that contrary to popular misconception, many individuals who use drugs are gainfully employed. That’s about 20.4 million potential employees who abuse drugs in the workplace in the United States alone.
    2. Employees Who are Substance Abusers, Use Drugs Even While on the Job: According to estimates as many as 3.1 employees have used drugs before they left for work for the day or while on the premises during the workday. Of these employees, 2.9 percent were working while under the influence.
    3. Employees Who Abuse Drugs Have A Higher Absentee Record as compared to other Employees: According to statistical information on the subject, those who use drugs and alcohol are more likely to have skipped work on more than two days in a month and have more sick days for injury and illness as compared to other employees.
    4. Coworkers Who Don’t Abuse These Substances are Still Likely to be Affected by Those that Do: Both, the attitude and performance of coworkers are affected by the substance abuse of those who use drugs and alcohol. These coworkers report having to redo the work of other employees, work harder because of these other employees and cover the lack of work of other employees. In addition, they have been placed in danger or have been injured as a result of the substance abuse of coworkers.
    5. Small and Medium Businesses are Most Often Affected by Substance Abusing Employees: Roughly half of all employed people in the U.S work for small or medium businesses and about 90% of those employees who take part in substance abuse work for these companies. These are the companies that are less likely to drug test and therefore attract those who use drugs and alcohol.
    6. Employees Who Abuse Substances are Less Likely to Do so in a Workplace Where There is Drug Testing Program: While 10% of employees in an environment where there is no drug testing policy have used those substances in the past month, only 4% of those employees who abuse drugs or alcohol have done so in the same period where a workplace drug testing policy is in place.
    7. Substance Abusers are 2.5 Times More Likely to Miss Large Amounts of Time Than Other Employees: This increased amount of lost work costs the company time and money because this person is unable to place the quality and expediency of their work over the importance of the drug and or alcohol that is affecting their lives.
    8. Those Who Abuse Drugs and Alcohol are 3.5 Times More Likely to Be Injured or Cause Injury to Others at Work: Being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol hampers your ability to focus on small details and to be aware of your surroundings. It also slows down reaction time to threats or dangers. As a result, situations that could have been prevented become serious incidents and serious incidents become more dangerous for the employee and his or her coworkers.
    9. Employees Who Use Drugs Deliberately Evade Using the 5 Types Typically Tested for by Standard Drugs Tests: Because there is so much knowledge widely available for perusal on the subject, many persistent drug users attempt to evade having a positive result by using substances other than marijuana, cocaine, opiates, PCP, and amphetamines/methamphetamines.
    10. Those Who Have Prescriptions for Drugs like OxyContin Shouldn’t be Ruled out for Drug Abuse: Prescription pain medication is commonly abused by teens and adults from every walk of life. Dependence on such drugs can start from an injury and progress to addiction. It is also known that these medications can be sold for a high price and so there can be a risk of this type of drug dealing involved. While there are many cases where the drug is being used as intended such cases should be evaluated.



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