• Escreen Drug Test Review

    ecupEmployers now see rapid drug testing kits as a more practical choice than laboratory testing. Resources say that The Escreen Drug Test is the favorite screening mechanism for employers around the US because of its reliability, practicality and accuracy.

    Claiming that it is the only instrumented, FDA-approved rapid immunoassay drug testing kit, the Escreen Drug Test involves the use of an eCup, an eReader and the eScreen123 software, and is able to deliver efficient, paperless, electronic drug testing instantly. To use, just collect urine sample in the eCup, then place this in the eReader. The eReader connects to the Internet and is able to detect the absence or presence of illegal drugs within 15 minutes. Results are then posted on the web at myescreen.com, keeping information safe and private at all times. This procedure lessens the probability of human error. A built-in validity tester is located in the eCup lid to detect tampering in the urine sample.

    The eScreen Drug Test can detect the following: Cocaine, Marijuana, Phycyclidine (PCP and Angel Dust), Amphetamines, Methamphetamines (Speed), Codeine and Heroin. The eScreen Drug Test is said to have an accuracy level of 99% and comes close to the accuracy of laboratory-based drug screening.

    Employers who have used the eScreen Drug Test say that the system is user-friendly and more practical than other drug testing kits because of its smooth integration, good software and the elimination of paperwork and transcription errors.


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    • JGuinty says:

      This is an accurate review of the eScreen testing solution, however, the graphic associated to this blog is not an eScreen product.
      Would it be possible to remove that graphic from this posting?

      Please and thank you.

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