• D+caf Caffeine Test Strips Review

    1872_medCoffee or caffeine drinks can be an instant pick up when you’re groggy or need a quick burst of energy but too much caffeine can cause a variety of ill side effects such as anxiety, ulcers and heart palpitations. Even decaf coffee may have a large amount of caffeine in it, so if you’re trying to eliminate caffeine in your diet, use D+caf caffeine test strips to make sure that what you’re drinking is caffeine-free.

    D+caf caffeine test strips is an easy-to-use, one-step testing kit that can determine is there is too much caffeine in your supposedly decaf coffee. The strips only work on pure coffee and tea or any drink without additives such as sugar or milk, so don’t use these on soda or your latte.

    To use, simple dip 1/8 of the strip into your drink and results are visible in 30 seconds. Although it takes a little practice to be able to read the results of this home test strips clearly, these have been claimed to be 98% accurate. Blue lines on the strip can indicate the presence of over 20mg of caffeine (per 6 oz of coffee or any caffeine drink) or the absence of it.

    So, the next time you pick up you decaf coffee, test if it really is what it claims to be with the D+caf caffeine test strips.


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