• 7 Reasons Why Employers Should Start a Nicotine Testing Program at Work

    nicotine-testing-employersIf your business is considering a no smoking policy, you may want to consider instating a nicotine testing program as well. This eliminates the risk of employees sneaking cigarettes and ensuring that your environment is truly smoke free. Below you’ll find a list of seven reasons why performing nicotine tests can help you to maintain a no smoking policy and help your business to improve in many areas.

    • Efficiency: Having employees who smoke means having to deal with breaks in labor. By removing smoking breaks you can keep your employees on task and focused. There will also be far fewer sick days and other health related interruptions to the work schedule.
    • Saving Money: By instating a smoke free program there will be fewer requirements related to accommodating smokers in addition to which the health care costs will get dramatically reduced for smokers and non-smokers alike as the risk of exposure and damaged health are lessened. By removing smoking from break rooms, you will also incur less indoor damage related to cigarette smoke.
    • Safer Work Environment: A workplace where smoking no longer occurs is a place that’s safer and healthier for smoker and non-smoker alike. This means that those who do not want to be around tobacco smoke will be happier and more relaxed in their workplace. Removing smoking from the workplace reduces the risk of fire hazards as well.
    • Less Litter: By removing smoking from your workplace you are also removing one of the more common forms of litter, the cigarette butts left over after a smoker is done with their cigarette.
    • Enforceable No Smoking Policy: By adding nicotine testing to your policy you’ll make it much easier to maintain your no smoking policy at your place of business. There’s no way to hide the cotinine that rests in the system of a regular smoker. This is one of the longest lasting products of the nicotine that enters the body when a person smokes. If a person has a high level of this in their system they’re much more likely to find a way to covertly continue smoking on your premises.
    • Longer Lasting Materials: A huge number of items in a building are affected by contact with cigarette smoke and the toxins that it leaves behind. Carpets, wallpaper, paint, ceiling tiles, furniture, tables, and flooring are all damaged and discolored by the smoke. All of these things are also exposed to the risk of burn marks and holes from carelessly left behind cigarette butts or from smokers who put them out there deliberately.
    • Better Overall Work Environment: People who aren’t preoccupied with concerns such as annoyance over exposure to cigarette smoke or the concern of when they can have their next smoke break are more focused and overall happier at their place of work.

    Many businesses who take on a nicotine testing policy find that they are very happy with the results. Not only does it save you money, it also improves the overall well-being of your workers and decreases aspects such as health policy rates, workplace accidents and other risk factors.


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