• 6 Things to Know About Saliva Hormone Testing

    saliva-hormone-testingEstablishing the level and variation of your hormones is an important first step in determining if there is a hormonal imbalance and how it affects your health. It is also an important way to evaluate the effectiveness of your current form of treatment. Below are some facts you’ll need to keep in mind about saliva hormone testing.

    1.) Saliva testing is far less invasive than blood testing. You need only spit into a cup.

    Blood serum testing requires the doctor or a nurse to pull at least 2 vials of blood for hormone testing. This means that the patient must submit to blood donation and would be at least mildly uncomfortable. Additionally, the test may be done several times over a period of time repeating the stress. A saliva test requires only a small saliva sample for each test and requires little from the patient to collect.

    2.)By testing the molecules found in saliva, the value of hormones can be more accurately tested resulting in a more accurate representation of your health than with blood serum tests. Blood serum tests can detect some hormonal levels but there are other hormones that are less clear in blood than they are in the saliva. By testing the saliva a doctor can be certain of what hormones are imbalanced and affecting that patient’s health.

    3.) Saliva testing can help catch and prevent diseases like prostate and breast cancers, osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease, and many others. It has been proven that these cancers feed on certain hormones and over time diseases like diabetes can affect these levels as well. Evaluating the level of the body’s hormones helps doctor’s to establish a list of conditions that can be associated with certain hormone imbalances and arrive at a diagnosis more quickly than by symptoms alone.

    4.)Saliva testing helps both men and women to evaluate hormone levels which affect their health. Both women and men are affected by fluctuation in the hormones of the body. Certain cancers, heart problems, weight gain and other health conditions that occur in both sexes are brought on by increases and reductions of these hormones in the body. Testing these levels can help determine what is at fault and may save that person’s life.

    5.) A saliva test can help determine if hormones are playing a part in the excess buildup of weight in your body. Certain hormones such as cortisol can affect your body’s fluctuation in weight over time. When there is more stress in your life, your body naturally produces more cortisol.  If this keeps up over a long period, your body may have trouble regulating the level of the hormone and begin to add on excess weight.

    6.) Saliva hormone tests can help you determine if you may be at risk for pre-term birth. Because these tests can determine the levels of certain hormones in your body through the testing of your saliva, they are particularly useful for determining if a woman is dealing with the risk of preterm labor. Women who are more prone to this condition often deal with lower levels of the hormone progesterone causing the body to induce labor. A drop in progesterone is normal when natural labor occurs but can easily be brought on by a woman who has low levels of progesterone in general when she is pregnant.


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