• Most Common Fruits and Vegetables That Cause Food Intolerance and Food Allergy

    Most people who are allergic to fruits and vegetables experience mild symptoms that often occur as a rash, itchiness or blisters where the food has come in contact with the skin or mouth. People who are allergic to fruits and vegetables are likely to also have allergies to certain pollens. For many, these symptoms are removed or reduced in fruits that have been cooked or pasteurized. The ripeness of that fruit or vegetable can also affect the severity of the reaction.

    An allergic reaction to a food is a manifestation of your immune system trying to defend itself from what it mistakes as an attacker.

    Food intolerance on the other hand is likely to bring on gastrointestinal responses such as diarrhea, vomiting and stomachache. This is your body reacting to not being able to properly digest that food.

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    Allergy Test Kit

    Vegetables That Cause Intolerance and Allergy

    • Tomatoes: For some, the intolerance or rash associated with tomatoes is mild and means avoiding handling or eating very much of foods that contain it. For those who are truly allergic however it can close the airways and through anaphylaxis could result in death. Avoiding tomatoes can be difficult because it is commonly used in several sauces and soups.
    • Avocados: Allergy o avocados can be a result of prolonged and consistent exposure. There are actually two forms of avocado allergy. One is part of the oral allergy syndrome and the other is allergic reaction brought on by the similarity of avocados to latex. If you have a reaction based on skin contact that doesn’t occur in the mouth or digestive system, it is likely because you are allergic to latex.
    • Carrots: Carrots can cause a mild reaction in those that eat them. Usually they are the symptoms of oral allergy syndrome to the stomach reactions of food intolerance. Carrot allergies are more common in Europe where eating them is more common.
    • Celery: This food allergy is especially common in France, Germany and Switzerland. While most people are typically allergic to the root of the plant, any other part of the plant could also bring on allergic reaction including the seed, which is used as a spice.

    Fruits That Cause Intolerance and Allergy

    • Apples: Most allergic reactions to this fruit are brought on by birch pollen allergies. Apples are one of several fruits that share similar basic structures to that of birch. Peaches are also part of this group. Apples can have a severe enough affect on the digestive system that they can bring on bloody stools in some who are allergic or intolerant.
    • Cherries: Cherries are found in several foods and even cosmetics, shampoos, perfume and soaps and even medication. Being allergic to this fruit can be difficult as it’s one of the most common flavorings.
    • Bananas: Chitanase, a protein found in bananas is generally the cause of this food allergy. Vaso active amines cause intolerance from the food.
    • Strawberries: Allergy to strawberries is one of the most common of all fruit and vegetable allergies. When a person is allergic to this fruit, it is likely they are reacting to the birch pollen allergen that apples and peaches bring on. However strawberry allergies do not extend to other fruits as the protein that brings them on is only found in this fruit. While the common use of strawberries is widespread in foods, beverages, cosmetics, shampoos, lotions and a host of other household items, it is generally listed on the bottle as a precautionary measure.

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