• Most Common Air Quality Problems at Your Home

    There are many dangers to our health in our everyday lives. Some of these are visible and recognizable whereas others aren’t. Of all the risk factors that we encounter, no other elements can be as damaging as the possibility of polluted air. The quality of the air that we breathe has the biggest impact on our health. However, the shocking truth is, the place where we are exposed to some of the most harmful toxins, is in our own homes where we also spend the majority of our time. To make matters worse, the people who are most exposed to these pollutants and most affected to it are the elderly, children and the chronically ill. Those with cardiovascular problems or respiratory problems are especially at risk for poor health from these pollutants.

    Which Pollutants Are Commonly Found in the Air of Your Home

    • Combustibles: Kerosene, oil, gas, wood, coal and tobacco products
    • Building materials: Asbestos based insulation, damp or wet carpet, some pressed wood objects
    • Household Chemicals: Household cleansers, bath and beauty aids
    • Environmental Controllers: Heating and cooling systems, humidifiers
    • Outdoor Pollutants: Pesticide, radon and pollution from the outdoors

    All of these pollutants’ level of effect is controlled by the age of the product or building material involved. If you have older appliances or an older heating and cooling system, they will typically create more pollution in your home, especially if they are damaged in some way. There are also pollutants, such as air fresheners that are continuously active in the home and others such as smoking and heating that are intermittently active.

    How These Pollutants Affect Health

    Indoor air pollution causes greater damage to our health than outdoor air pollution because we are constantly breathing it in and out in a trapped space. In this space, the level of pollutants can be as much as triple what they are out of doors. The effects of these pollutants can vary by age, health and level of exposure. You may have health problems as a result of exposure very shortly after that exposure has occurred or you may not feel the effects in an obvious way until years later. Pregnant women, children, the elderly and the physically impaired suffer the most harm from these pollutants.

    Often we aren’t really aware that we are being affected by these pollutants. Smaller less serious reactions such as tiredness, headaches, cold and cough symptoms and allergy symptoms aren’t usually attributed to home air pollutants. It’s when these symptoms persist and become more serious that they first begin to draw attention. Nausea, wheezing and coughing, confusion, loss of coordination and increased asthma symptoms can all draw out attention. When left to go on, these symptoms can become chronic. Chronic symptoms include damage to the central nervous system, cancer and kidney or liver damage.

    How Can You Detect and Resolve These Air Pollutions Problems?

    There are air quality tests you can do to check the pollution level in your home. This is the best way to verify if you have a serious problem and begin to resolve it. Replacing damaged or broken appliances and removing molds and other contaminant from the home are among the most effective at controlling the level of air pollutants in a home.


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