• Random Drug Testing Your Teenager? What to Do and Not to Do

    The possibility that your child might be abusing illegal or prescription drugs is a frightening thing to consider. If you are not careful, it is easy to get upset and forget yourself and turn a situation that you could have talked to your child about and resolved into a sore point in your relationship. Relax, take a moment to think and evaluate the reasons you suspect there may be something serious going on. If you still feel there’s a chance that you are right then go through this list before you get started. Approaching big issues such as drugs and drug testing in your family will be a difficult process and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

    Don’t: Don’t jump the Gun. Making the decision to drug test your teen is a difficult one and should be based on valid concerns rather than vague suspicions.
    Do: Be sure you’ve considered other possibilities before you proceed under the assumption that they have been abusing illegal or prescription drugs.

    Don’t: Don’t forget that there are as many trust issues brought up by your suspicion as there are involved with your child hiding a drug problem from you.
    Do: Proceed with caution and resist the urge to make accusations before you have an answer. It’s ok that you are concerned and upset but don’t let that take you over; intruding on their lives or spying will only make matters worse.

    Don’t: Don’t start an argument by yelling at your child about your suspicions and frustrations. Giving into your anger and frustration resolves nothing and can actually make the situation worse. Whether a child is using or not they won’t appreciate being accused and growled at.
    Do: When you bring it up be firm but calm. Ask, don’t accuse. Tell them how you feel about drug use without being too critical of their choices. This is your chance to open the door for discussion and offer help.

    Don’t: Don’t buy the first test you see. There are as many bad tests as good and you don’t want to waste your money on tests or features you won’t need.
    Do: Take your time, do some research before you buy and be sure you have what will work best for the drugs you’re concerned they’re abusing. It’s also a good idea to buy a few extra tests to verify their status.

    Don’t: Don’t put off doing the test. It’s easy to find yourself feeling guilty especially if you’re starting to doubt yourself. Remember even if their test is negative you’ll still have the benefit of knowing your child is safe.
    Do: Do it as soon as you have the drug test. In fact do a few regular tests over time to verify there isn’t a problem.

    Don’t: Don’t panic if the results are positive.
    Do: Sit down with your child; ask them what brought on their substance abuse and how you can help. Discuss the idea of counseling and if the problem is serious enough drug treatment.


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