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10 Major Dangers of Abusing Methamphetamine

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Methamphetamine is the white crystalline powder that produces different stimulating effect depending on the route of administration. Along the streets, methamphetamine is well known for many names such as Meth, speed, ice, chalk, crystal fire, or glass and can be taken orally, smoke, snorted, or injected. Smoking meth creates an intense sensation called “rush” or “flash,” that lasts only for a few minutes. Snorting, swallowing, or injecting the drug creates a very euphoric effect to the brain, but is not that quick though.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), Methamphetamine is a highly addictive and very potent drug that is commonly abused by over 314, 000 teenagers in 2008.Because of its high potency, meth is classified as Scheduled II by the NIDA and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA); anyone caught abusing the drug and positive with drug testing is subject to varying penalties.

Methamphetamine Drug Tests

Methamphetamine Drug Tests

Teenagers abuse meth for the extremely pleasurable feeling it brings to one. However, while this effect can only last for a few minutes before its metabolites in the body falls down, most teens continuously stay high on meth. The downside is that longer association can cause serve adverse effects especially on the health of youngsters. The following are the major dangers you need to know about meth.

1.    Abusing meth creates a quick tolerance. Once you try it, you get hooked to it and as time goes by your body would need larger amounts of meth in order to get high. This instance is one of the most common reasons behind numerous criminal assaults. Because of the need for more drugs, people are actually motivated to kill to obtain money and buy drugs.

2.    Chronic meth abuse creates long term negative effect on mental health such as hallucinations, and delusions of parasites crawling on skin. Teenagers in this case become so paranoid to the point that some of the young addicts are sent to mental hospitals for severe mental disorientation.

3.    Taking high doses of meth can cause full-blown toxic psychosis wherein teens become more aggressive and violent, however; unaware of how cruel it can be to the point that they hurt their own parents and sibling without even realizing it.

4.    Meth can also cause extreme weight loss because of loss of appetite as well as severe dental problem known as “Meth Mouth.” American dental association defines meth mouth as an informal name for advance tooth decay because of bruxism, poor hygiene, and hyposalivation as results of meth abuse.

5.    According to NIDA, meth is responsible for the most of the HIV cases among teens as it also arouse sexual orgasms which lead to risky sexual behaviors. Meth is also found to be positive among rape suspects on notorious rape cases, children abuse, and sexual assaults. For instance, just in 2004, the State of California has held 182 suspects who are held liable for criminal conduct because of meth.

6.    Meth is also responsible for the transmission of hepatitis A and B, which is common to gangsters or group of individuals abusing meth together. This can happen when there is only one syringe is shared for the whole group.

7.    Drug driving is one of the known causes that lead to unexpected road accidents among teens. According to records, meth is one of the drugs present in teen’s body during drug testing. Because of the intense sensation it brings to one, it tends t impair the senses of the driver causing to over speed on the road without even realizing it.

8.    Meth can cause cardiovascular problems such as increased heart rate, irregular heartbeat, inflamed heart, and hyperthermia. Despite being a healthy person, you can always get sick because of meth abuse.

9.    Long term association with meth can lead to stroke and worst death because of the sudden rise of body temperature and convulsion. According to According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) Drug Abuse Warning Network, meth related death from 1993 to 1997 accounted to 125 and is currently increasing at present.

10.  Abusing meth causes infertility but for pregnant women, meth abuse can actually lead to miscarriage. Most of the babies born prematurely experience lethargy and neurological complications.

How to Determine if the Person is Abusing Methamphetamine

There are many ways to determine if a person is abusing meth. Physical manifestation of meth abuse includes incessant talking when the person used to be silent, rapid eye movement, increased body temperature which can be as high as 108 degrees, dilated pupils and extreme sweating despite not getting into too much physical activity. In most times, we usually stay away from people in this condition, however; these physical symptoms cannot be the solid evidences that a person is abusing meth. To assess accurate and reliable judgment, the government has implemented a random drug testing in schools and the workplace.

Drug testing on meth uses methamphetamine drug test kits in order to assess the body with the amphetamine metabolites. Following the new federal cut off levels, a urine sample showing 500 ng/ml of amphetamine metabolite during the initial test is confirmed through GC test. Confirmatory test should then show at least 250 ng/ml of meth metabolite before a person is considered positive. Meth abuse can also be justified through hair follicle test and saliva swab test. Using the methamphetamine test kits, drug testing on meth can already be done at home while till adhering to the new federal cut off guideline. For hair follicle test, the cut off level is 300 ng/ml while saliva swab test should at least be 50 ng/ml.





Advantages of Using Instant Drug Test Over Lab Tests in the Workplace

Friday, December 4th, 2009

drug-testing-laboratotyIf you’re considering making a drug testing program for your employees, you may want to consider using instant drug testing instead of using lab testing for this purpose. Below are some of the reasons that this form of drug testing has an advantage over the traditional lab testing method.

  • Expediency: Instant drug testing methods allow the employer the ability to test their workers and have the results in a very short span (generally no more than 30 minutes per test) which is far quicker than the week or more that most labs require to reach a result. This also means a much quicker ability to respond to positive test results.
  • Savings: Most lab testing methods require a lab technician to be paid to complete each test or which the cost of shipping must be factored in as well as the cost of the test itself. This means that the cost of testing is much higher than a simple instant test which doesn’t require a special technician or shipping to be completed. Buying and using an instant test means saving this extra money.
  • Efficiency: This also means that there are far fewer people who would need to be evaluated if a mistake occurred that resulted in a false positive. If testing needed to be redone, another test could be completed within a short period of the first test. By having less people involved in the process, it is also far less likely that the test could be deliberately tampered with.
  • True Spontaneity: When you have a much easier to use drug test with far less maintenance and wait time involved, it’s far easier to randomly plan when and where to do the testing. The randomness of drug testing is the most important part of getting a truly accurate result from your employees. By removing several parts of the planning process, you can more readily plan a testing date without making it obvious to your employees.
  • Save Time: By using this method, you will be able to avoid the cost of paying both your employee and a tech to go to another location and for the wait period that often occurs with the older method of testing. There will also be more direct results that you can base further action on (Normally there are long wait periods as the results are verified after being given a non-negative status before a clear positive result is determined).This saves time for everyone.
  • Makes Sense: Many drug testing centers use instant testing as well. So by doing the testing yourself, you will save extra costs and extraneous waiting periods associated with lab testing. By testing with instant tests you reduce the cost spent overall by spending far less for those who don’t test positive for the test in the first place. Thos who get a non-negative result can always be sent on to a regular lab for another test to verify the results and determine the next course of action afterward.

All You Need to Know About Drug Testing Your Teenager

Friday, December 4th, 2009

teenager-drug-testingTeenagers are often at least a little reclusive and protective of their privacy but how do you know if that’s because they are only being a teenager or if there’s something more going on? Many of the same behaviors we associate with teens are also associated with those who are abusing drugs. Parents often become concerned that there may be a problem and don’t know how to go about getting an honest answer. The truth is that of all the ways you could get that answer the clearest is probably by having your teen complete a drug test.

Two Forms of Testing

There are two different types of drug testing to evaluate before you begin the process of deciding which test to use. These are lab testing and instant home testing. Each has its advantages and weaknesses but overall which option you decide on has more to do with time and preference.

Instant Drug Testing: These tests are cheaper and easy to do on your own. This form means having results in your home in a short period of time (usually 5-30 minutes) which saves on time and offers you complete privacy. It also means that you may have a limited list of drugs that these tests can pick up as well as a less definitive result. There are false positives and false negatives on occasion but you can have these results confirmed by sending the test on to a lab for verification.

Laboratory Drug Testing: A lab test is more consistent and errors are far less likely to occur. The entire cost of the drug test kit, testing and shipping are generally included in the total cost which is convenient. There is usually a far broader range of drug that can be tested for as well. It will mean mailing the sample to the laboratory and waiting for about a week for results however.

Methods of Drug Testing

So where do you begin? There are several different types of drug testing and they all have their strengths and weaknesses, below are these drug tests and some information about each.

  • Saliva: This test is best for if you feel the use has occurred very recently. Drug metabolites and traces of the drugs themselves don’t stay long in saliva, making the test most appropriate for recent use. It is quick and easily done by swabbing the inner cheeks of the subject and can be conducted anywhere.

  • Urine: A urine screen isn’t as messy as you might be thinking. You will likely have to monitor your teen as they give the sample but the process is quick, efficient and involved only inserting a test swab or using a dropper to transfer enough to a testing tablet to get your results. This form allows you to test for ten different drugs and you can choose a lab test if you don’t feel comfortable with doing an instant test at home.
  • Hair: Hair drug testing has by far the longest detection window among all drug testing methods. Using hair for testing for teenage drug abuse is also cheating proof since all the drug test cheating methods that can be used in urinalysis will not be applicable with hair testing. However detection starts later (a few days after use) and usually it takes a little more to be detected. Another disadvantage of hair testing is its slightly higher price. Also there is no instant hair drug test available so you need to wait a few more days to get the result from the laboratory.

There is no bad or good drug testing method when it comes to drug testing your teenager. They all serve a different purpose in terms of what drugs they detect with how much use, how fast they detect, how convenient and cheating proof they are and so on. It is usually best to utilize more than one drug testing method to cover most of the questions you have in your mind and to make the point to your teenager that you are serious.

Regardless of what method drug testing you are going to use for your teenager, one thing you should always keep in your mind: “Communication”. Talk to your teenager, tell him or her the why’s, what’s and how’s.

Pros and Cons of Testing Your Teenager for Steroid Use

Friday, December 4th, 2009

teenager-steriod-testingIf you are a parent, there’s nothing more important to you than the safety and well being of your child. This is especially true when you feel that your child may be doing something that puts their health and safety at risk. Steroids are one of the major problems that athletes and men who wish to look fit deal with when they are competing or trying to meet their goals. With the added pressure to look good and be successful from peers and the steroid use of their heroes, teens sometimes resort to using these performance enhancing drugs to reach their goals quicker.

When this happens, there can be changes such as added mood swings (irritability and aggression among them), acne, excess body hair and increases in muscle and body mass as well as interrupted sleep patterns. When these symptoms occur we begin to wonder if something is going on and how we can resolve it. Now that there are home steroid testing kits that means deciding if testing is necessary. Before you take this step however take the pros and cons into consideration.


  • Definitively knowing if your teenager is using steroids.
  • Convenient, Simple Test.
  • Privacy for you and your teen.
  • Quick results (usually in about a week).

There are several benefits to knowing if there is a problem in the first place; the greatest of these is if you can stop the use before it’s really begun. The ease with which the home test is created will help a great deal in the process of gathering the sample and getting your results. The fact that the testing happens in your home also helps you to handle the problem as a family rather than through a school drug testing program or through that of an athletic club. The efficiency and speed of these tests also means that the wait will be relatively short, giving you a fast resolution to the issue.


  • You may need to monitor the urine sample.
  • Steroid testing can be expensive.
  • Trust can become an issue.
  • Testing is only the beginning

With all the positives in mind, you will also have to deal with some unpleasant truths. In order to bring up steroid testing, you will have to call into question whether your child is abusing performance enhancing drugs. This means you will have to ask your child about the situations that have caused you worry in the first place and challenge whether they’ve been honest with you or not. Along with asking them to do a urine test you may have to monitor the sample giving process to be certain they don’t tamper with the results. As a whole the testing process can feel invasive to the teenager and you should expect some discomfort and irritability from them as it occurs.

If the results are positive, you will have to steel yourself for a rough road ahead as you ask your teen to stop using the steroids. Stopping steroid use can be a problem as well. Many aren’t aware that there is a very low feeling associated with quitting steroids. This low period can quickly become a depression that for some can lead to thoughts of suicide. It’s important that you monitor your teenagers’ behavior even after they’ve stopped using steroids.

Pros and Cons of Random Drug Testing Your Loved Ones With Substance Abuse Problems

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Helping a loved one to overcome their substance abuse problems can be one of the most difficult jobs to take on. Rife with ups and downs of mood, personality shifts and misdirected anger, battling addiction can also be a great source of pain and depression not only for the user but also for the loved ones of the user.

One of the most difficult tasks is maintaining a drug free environment and holding your loved one to that pledge when you are not always able to be with them. There are bound to be times you want to let them go back to their lives and allow them the freedoms they ask for but you may not feel you can trust them to stay clean if you do.

How can you help them stay drug free and allow them the space they want? You may want to consider home drug testing.

Pros and Cons of Drug Testing a Loved One

Drug testing can be a difficult topic for many families, consider all of the pros and cons and discuss it with your family before you take steps toward starting a plan with them.

Pro: It will be physical proof that they’re maintaining a drug free life and that your efforts have been worth everything your family has been through.
Con: It could also expose the fact that they aren’t yet strong enough to resist addiction.

Pro: It can help you to trust their word by verifying what they’ve said.
Con: They may feel you’ll never trust them again without proof.

Pro: Taking the sample in your home and doing it yourself maintains your family’s privacy.
Con: It may be more difficult to prevent your loved one from tampering with the results.

Pro: Home tests can offer you faster results than waiting for lab testing companies.
Con: You could make mistakes that alter the results. There are foods that can produce a false positive as well.

Pro: Positive results could be rewarded with things like a night out that can help them build their self esteem and sense of self.
Con: If they fail the test you’ll have to curb the amount of time they have outside the home or on their own at home which may make them feel very limited.

There are no right or easy answers for which path will work best for you and your loved ones. Substance abuse can break things like trust in the matter of minutes. Recovery from substance abuse can have users taking 6 steps forward only to take 10 back when things like depression, self esteem and the viewpoint of others can leave them feeling vulnerable to the world. It takes a strong family to pull a loved one through such a dark place and it might never get easy to help them stay away from the things that harmed them.

These are just a few examples of the pros and cons you will have to weigh when deciding how to handle drug testing as a method of maintaining a drug free environment. Ultimately the decision is up to you and your family who know each other best.

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